Westword Music Showcase 2011

The Westword Music Showcase celebrates seventeen years, a lifetime for some of 2011's performers

Fierce Bad Rabbit

Nominated in Rock — Indie

3:45-4:15 Sutra

Fingers of the Sun
Fingers of the Sun

The members of Fierce Bad Rabbit are four established northern Colorado musicians magnetically drawn together to create indie pop music with a hook and a heart. Featuring Chris Anderson (vocals/guitar/piano), Alana Rolfe (viola/vocals), Dayton Hicks (bass) and Adam Pitner (drums/percussion), Fierce Bad Rabbit immediately found regional success after forming, earning the love of fans and respect of the industry. With the October 2010 release of their first studio LP, Spools of Thread, the band is poised to gain broad attention. The songs on the album are an emotionally powerful, infectious brand of indie pop. Anderson pens songs with an honesty and depth that captures and connects listeners.

Fingers of the Sun

Nominated in Pop — Indie

2:15-2:45 Sutra

Fingers of the Sun's music is made of sci-fi pulp novels, lazy teenage afternoons and a vividly realized wonderland of imagery, psychedelia and mid-20th-century pop. The act smoked the banana peels, but only because it enjoyed the taste, believing the world is acid-damaged enough to send anyone on a bad permatrip. Like its namesake — The Fugs song adapted in part from a 5000-year-old Egyptian poem to Nun, the goddess of the watery abyss — Fingers of the Sun "grip the mountain where hawk claws flash and flicker in the dawn."

Flashbulb Fires

Nominated in Pop — Alternative

12:45-1:15 Stoney's

Known for their distinctive brand of emotionally rich American indie rock, Flashbulb Fires have a genuine conviction to push the boundaries of popular music. The Denver band's knack for combining dynamic song structures with beautifully magnetic arrangements is instantly recognizable, while its live show is immediately captivating, blending polished artistry and raw electricity. The Dallas Morning News called the band's 2009 release, Glory, "emotional and engulfing," and the Des Moines City View named it "one of the best indie-rock albums of the year." Flashbulb Fires is currently recording their second album, which is due out later this year.


Nominated in Electro-Pop

3:00-3:30 Opal

Denver, if you have only just heard our music, it's time you check us out live. We have an awesome light engineer, Rande Kamolz, who absolutely kills it running our light show. Think projectors, strobes, light orbs and tons of fog! Coupled with the powerful bass coming through the venue subwoofers, it's for sure going to get you moving.


Nominated in Hip-Hop — MC (Male)

6:30-7:00 La Rumba

FOE — or King FOE, as he is commonly known — is as much a polarizing figure in rap as he is a beast on the mike. A creative force with a voice easy on the ears, he manages to spit fire with dizzying rhyme schemes and hilarious content in such a manner that he rarely turns down a chance on the mike. On his own accord, FOE is the answer to the question of innovative and diverse lyricism with a cutting edge as he carves his niche amongst artists who have inspired him. Not only does he manage to have one of the most dynamic stage shows ever (amongst anyone), he matches his energy with an even more gregarious personality.

The FoodChain

Nominated in Hip-Hop — Band

3:00-3:30 City Hall, Street Level

With Corpses, the Foodchain vows to make music true to the heart first, focusing on issues political to social and every point in between. There are street-driven tracks like "Fucc N*ggaz," featuring Talib Kweli, as well as more radio-friendly songs like "Rich Girl," featuring rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother, and politically driven cuts like "Drama Class" and "Blind," which balance Corpses and make it a well-rounded, inspiring and powerful project that will be sure to last the tests of time.

The Foot.

Nominated in Rock — Traditional

3:00-3:30 City Hall, Amphitheatre

We are often asked where The Foot. comes from. We are hesitant to divulge this information, but the readers of Westword properly provoked us: The Foot. was created in a Pakistani laboratory by a team of rogue scientists intent on combining human and panther DNA. Lightning struck their laboratory, immediately fusing the genetic material, and three thin, ruggedly handsome beings sprang into existence. Fearing their union would threaten the world, the scientists scattered the hybrid children throughout the United States. Implausibly, they attended university together in Denver and rejoined forces, swearing to use their powers for good. Now you know.

Force Publique

Nominated in Rock — Progressive

4:30-5:00 Opal

"His eyes shone before me like a kind of phosphorescent light. From them came two rays that flowed into each other and merged into a glowing circle... I was gradually falling into the power of this mysterious man." — Prince Yusupov on Rasputin. And all of our songs are free at forcepublique-music.com.

4H Royalty

Nominated in Rock — Roots

6:00-6:30 Sutra

Probably the only Denver-based band that can, does — and prefers to — pull off the entire nine-to-close tavern show by themselves with original material in rural communities across Colorado. Whip-smart, evocative and liberating lyrical narratives, ace musicianshippery, and AP Chemistry.

Fresh Breath Committee

Nominated in Hip-Hop — Group

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Dovekins really stole the show this year! They were definitely the best act I saw.


When does the MUSIC STOP??? Just a bunch of loud noise...someone should put a ban on this for next year. A true disturbance to the neighborhood!!!!


the westword music fest sucks ass an is a major annoyance to the neighborhood!!!!!


Is there an updated schedule somewhere? Some of the bands appear to have changed stages. Sauna, for one.


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Maybe you shouldn't live downtown if you don't like the commotion--go back to the suburbs

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