Westword Music Showcase 2011

The Westword Music Showcase celebrates seventeen years, a lifetime for some of 2011's performers

1:30-2:00 City Hall, Street Level

Fresh Breath Committee is a crew formed in 2008, comprised of eight different Colorado artists who maintain the same common vision: to create quality hip-hop for the people. The Committee's debut album, CPR (featuring the legendary Masta Ace and The ReMINDers), led them to earn the award for Best Hip-Hop Album in Westword in 2010 and to appear on stages with marquee performers such as The Game, Dilated Peoples, Guru, Digable Planets and many more. New projects by the crew/info can be found at freshbreathcommittee.bandcamp.com.

Frogs Gone fishin'

Fingers of the Sun
Fingers of the Sun

Nominated in Rock — Jam/Improv

6:45-7:15 City Hall, Amphitheatre

At a Frogs Gone Fishin' show, fans are treated to heavy-hitting rock with the Frogs' signature improvisational twist. In an age of auto-tuned vocals and laptop superstars, it's great to find a band who relies on tight harmonies, strong melody and dynamic rhythms to keep their fans coming back. On any given night, FGF cuts across genres and material from their two albums and never, ever play the same set list twice. The Frogs are signed to locally owned Mountain Size Records and record at solar-powered Evergroove Studio, tucked in the woods outside Evergreen, Colorado.

Frontside Five

Nominated in Punk

6:00-6:30 Bannock Street Garage

We're Frontside Five, and we know how to have a good time. If you like to have fun and want to see the best punk-rock show of the summer, come see us at 6 o'clock sharp at the Bannock Street Garage and get some cheap-ass beer spilt on your nice shirt.


Nominated in Post-Punk

3:45-4:15 Bar Standard

"I fucking hate this band. Why do they want me to die?!" — overheard at SXSW after getting shut down for being too loud. P.S.: We hate your earholes.

Git Some

Nominated in Hardcore/Post-Hardcore

1:30-2:00 Rockstar Lounge

Howl doo! Git Some was formed in Chicago's fiery cauldrons in 2003. We moved to a remote location in the Rocky Mountains shortly thereafter. We are ex-members of bands like: Planes Mistaken for Stars, White Dynamite, Peralta and Runner. We are current members of bands like: Kingdom of Magic, Nightshark and Jefferson Slaveship. We love to play rock-and-roll shows, and we love Hall and Oates. We have records out on Alternative Tentacles records, and 1-2-3-4-go! Records. We will kick your fucking ass like a satanic ninja!

Glowing House

Nominated in Folk/Acoustic

12:00-12:30 Curious Theatre

Glowing House is a folk trio. Each person who reads that will imagine something different, so let me lay it out a bit more clearly: Glowing House uses guitar, banjo, octave mandolin, piano and drums to play music. The band has two lead vocalists who harmonize with each other very well, and it writes lyrics carefully and skillfully, then rewrites the lyrics even more carefullyer. Glowing House hopes that you noticed the use of the nonexistent word "carefullyer" because they love people who take the time to look deeply into the things they write. And the drummer is awesome.

The Gromet

Nominated in Rock — Roots

6:00-6:30 City Hall, Amphitheatre

Hello. We're The Gromet. Born from a love of Southern rock and folk, we pride ourselves on injecting our live show with as much energy and rawness as possible. After three years of honing our sound, it's evident that our music is versatile yet cohesive. "...they were focused and having fun, which added to their strong stage presence." — Jester Jay

Greg Harris Vibe Quintet

Nominated in Jazz

3:15-4:00 Dazzle

Having worked and created music in the Denver area for ten years, Greg Harris has performed with Future Jazz Project, Ninth and Lincoln Orchestra, SuperCollider and the Heights. The Greg Harris Vibe Quintet's new album, Glass Gold, was recently released on Dazzle Records and features Venus Cruz, Matt Fuller, Erinn Bone, Jonathan Stewart, Mark Emmons, Gabe Mervine and James Calvin Thompson.


Nominated in Hip-Hop — MC (Male)

4:00-4:30 La Rumba

Haven is definitly an act that you do not want to miss. A Colorado native who is well known for his lyrical ability and compelling stage presence, Haven has recently released his full-length album King Kong, which has received rave reviews from fans and artists alike. He has been featured on numerous albums and mixtapes from various artists in the hip-hop and R&B scene, and has performed at major venues in and out of the state. A well-rounded artist whose distinct style will keep you captivated. Be sure to look for more things to come from this MC.

Hearts in Space

Nominated in Rock — Indie

12:00-12:30 Opal

Hearts in Space is a Denver four-piece comprising Ezra Darnell on vocals, guitar and bass, Jordan Hubner on vocals and guitar, Johnny Lundock on drums and Ryan Slowkowski on bass and guitar. We've played with bands such as Sleepy Sun, Crocodiles and the Fresh and Only's. Sonically pleasing with touches of lighthearted and lush vocal harmonies and soul, the band's songs have solid structures that lay a bed for the experimental sounds to lay in. Psychedelia is no stranger in the band's landscape of Southwestern-born garage explorations.

Hideous Men

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Dovekins really stole the show this year! They were definitely the best act I saw.


When does the MUSIC STOP??? Just a bunch of loud noise...someone should put a ban on this for next year. A true disturbance to the neighborhood!!!!


the westword music fest sucks ass an is a major annoyance to the neighborhood!!!!!


Is there an updated schedule somewhere? Some of the bands appear to have changed stages. Sauna, for one.


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Maybe you shouldn't live downtown if you don't like the commotion--go back to the suburbs

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