Q&A with Amelia Nicol

JH: Is your family opposed to your political views? Are they wanting to take your case in a different direction than you'd like?

AN: That's exactly right. I've been rebelling against them my entire life. That's why I'm so sure-footed during this sort of thing. I've been doing this a long time.

JH: Are they coming down here from Grand County for all the court dates?

AN: Um, yeah. I visited them once.

JH: How have things been in jail? I understand you were moved to solitary?

AN: Yeah, I was moved to solitary because I don't shower every day. I don't like to shower every day. The girls in my dorm, I guess, got sick of it and had me moved to solitary. It was just kind of a dumb-girl moment. [laughs].

JH: Do you have any books or writing material?

AN: Yeah, I'm allowed it, but I'm kind of in a black hole because my mail has been so weird. It will have a due date of, like, a week before I actually get it in my hand. I mean, I know they have to look through a lot, but come on. Even stuff coming from Denver takes a week and a half. They have books here, but the only ones they have are crappy romance novels. But I found a copy of Dune that I was pretty happy about. And a J.D. Salinger book that I haven't read. It was awesome: Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour. I was like, oh, my God, I've never heard of this.

JH: I've heard you've gotten a lot of support from anarchists around the country.

AN: Yeah, I've gotten quite a few letters. From California, Washington, Colorado, all over. It's been really nice to see that people are supporting me.

JH: I understand that you don't want to buy any stamps or envelopes from the jail?

AN: I've had money on commissary for the last few weeks, but I refuse to spend it because it's all part of their moneymaking scheme. I mean, that's how the rich man funds his army. Put people in jail, charge them for food, etc. I don't want to be adding to their system. I don't want to be any part of it.

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