Reader: Overnight parking tickets discourage people from going downtown

"Feed Me," Melanie Asmar, October 13

The Meter's Ticking

Thank you, Westword, for this useful article! I recently parked downtown and knew about the overnight parking, but I assumed it was from 2 to 6 a.m. I was in the same situation as you and thought that since the machine wouldn't let me go past 10 p.m., I was safe. This just seems like an egregious excuse to gyp downtown taxpayers out of even more money.

Luckily for me, I don't have to park downtown and won't in the future...and if I actually do, I'm back to my reliable parking garages.

Javan Pohl


I recently got a ticket at night because of the confusing nature of the parking rules. From now on, I will just use a private lot or drive home drunk. Thanks for nothing, City of Denver.

Name withheld on request

Let's see: 28,700 tickets at $25 each equals $717,500. Where is this money going?

Autymn DeWolfe


That is the problem with Denver (well, one of the many): Let's rip off every resident and visitor. I wonder where that money ends up. It's not to fix the streets, lights, potholes and sidewalks. It's not to fund officers to patrol the streets. (Of course, that might be a good thing, as the Denver Police Department is big on brutality.)

I have to ask why some companies have to close. Is it because people don't want to come downtown anymore? I would say sure. If I think about going downtown for dinner or to visit the bars, I have to budget half a paycheck to cover parking (street or garage), then pay for the overpriced meals and drinks so the owners can pay the outrageous rents and parking themselves.

Christopher Leach


What a fantastic way to discourage people from coming to downtown Denver. Excellent work, Denver city government! As usual, you have a bunch of idiots running the operation. This is exactly why the Denver police clashed with the Occupy Denver people in front of the State Capitol. I'm sooooooooo sick of this shit.

Richard Rebollo


Come on, folks: It's another way to stick it to you and your friends and family, so they can pinch your pennies from you. It is about time to revolt. If not, it will cost you more than you can even imagine. Good luck, suckers. Next time, take a taxi...or walk.

Ronald Wales

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"Occupied!," Patricia Calhoun, October 13

Protest to the Test

Just out of curiosity, why is it okay for the homeless to sleep on the 16th Street Mall but the protesters get arrested and removed from a public park? Doesn't matter what your beliefs or political affiliation are; this is just wrong.

Andrew DeGood


The United States sure has changed over the years. These days "democracy" requires a permit. Although I personally do not agree with the protesters' viewpoints, I do believe in the right to peacefully assemble in front of the State Capitol to raise awareness for your cause. Because the mayor and governor used armed police in riot gear to remove a peaceful demonstration, Hickenlooper just lost my vote for reelection — and Hancock never had my vote in the first place.

Dutch Seyfarth


I've been busy helping with the initial work to pull together Occupy Wall Street and now organizing Occupy London. I'm watching the live webcast of the police assault on the peaceful demonstrators at Occupy Denver; after three years, it appears that Mayor/Governor Hickenlooper has learned nothing about free speech and I'd like to get him a message:

Three years after Tent State, Mr. Hickenlooper continues to maintain his disdain of any free speech that challenges the status quo.

Mr. Hickenlooper is part of the 1 percent.  He, like Bloomberg, will be remembered on the wrong side of history, and I personally am ashamed of ever meeting with him.

Occupy Everything!  Occupy the World!

Adam Jung

London, England

Am I supposed to generate empathy for protesters carrying "Can't find a job for under $10/hr. I am the 99%" signs in one corpulent hamhock while clutching McDonald's bags and Starbucks in the other?  The corporately-created food you purchased cost the hour's wage that slights you. When budgeted appropriately, $10/hour is great money to many people...more than what that guy operating the fry machine received for super-sizing your meal.

The real "99%" aren't at these protests.  They're the salt of the earth preparing your Subway for "Hipster Protest Day at Civic Center Park" or donating plasma in order to feed their family ramen.  It's why your progenitors are considered "The Greatest Generation." They earned it realizing that nobody was going to assist them.  So what's the difference today? You will never garner sympathy from me regarding these oppressive corporations when you protest sporting True Religion jeans and you've never sipped from water that's been filtered through a turd...a daily occurrence in 60+ countries today.

Brand-name athletic shoes really aren't necessary to keep pace with the Joneses. Live within your means, and you will put many of these "oppressive" corporations out of business. Self-accountability creates change when truly honest with oneself, but very few are willing to be.

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Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

I used to spend $1000s in LODO back in the day ... and stopped going there SPECIFICALLY because of the parasitic overzealous parking goons.

I now happily spend my hard earned $$ elsewhere in places that have free or reasonable parking policies.

Reap what ye sow.

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Occupy Bank of Denver

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