Why can't Americans forget about 9/11?

Dear Mexican: There's something I'm concerned about, or bothered by. I was born and raised in Mexico, but I've been here for eight years. All the talk about 9/11 is too much, because every single year brings a rehash of the tragedy. I really think that remembering the event for two or five years is enough, but ten years is too much. ¿Qué piensas? Is it the gabacho culture to not get over things, or does this country not have enough culture, and this tragedy now is part of American civism?

Born Allá, Born Outstanding, Still Outstanding

Dear BABOSO: Are you kidding me? We Mexicans are one to criticize on this subject, given that we've never gotten over the Conquest and continue to bitch about how the United States stole half of Mexico, like a second-grader crying that someone stole his lunchtime burrito.

GOOD MEXICAN OF THE WEEK! Muy sorry for this extended Good Mexican and for just answering one pregunta this semana, but have I got a story to tell. The Mexican recently started appearing in Weld for Birmingham, a just-opened alt-weekly in the Magic City already proving itself as one of the few sane voices left in Alabama. Needless to say, this columna is already raising desmadre — but not in a way I could've possibly foreseen in this day and age. I'll let Weld reporter Madison Underwood take it from here:

This week, Weld got a voicemail from a lady at an America's Thrift Store location that receives our papers. The lady said they would like to stop receiving our paper because they're a Christian organization, and though our first issue was pretty mild (our first issue was Sept. 1, so we're still pretty new), recent issues have had a lot of editorial content they didn't like.

Since our paper has not had any increase in the amount of editorial content, I figured maybe it was the fact that I quoted [the Mexican] using the words "Fuck Alabama" in my interview with [him]. That, I think, was the first "fuck" in Weld.

We Welders were, of course, curious about what it was that set the lady and the Thrifters off. So we sent our brave intern Daniel to the America's Thrift Store under the pretense of retrieving our paper rack, and we had him ask her what it was in Weld that pushed them over the edge.

She told Daniel that the word "Mexican" is offensive. Daniel asked if she meant the column, "¡Ask a Mexican!" and she said, yes, sort of, but that the word "Mexican" is offensive. Daniel explained that the author of the "Ask a Mexican" column is, in fact, a Mexican. (And though I don't know if he explained this, I would note that when referring to Hispanic immigrant populations in my own immigration coverage, I've always used the word "Hispanic.")

This did not seem to faze her.

If "Mexican" is offensive, then our state is truly, sincerely fucked.

HAHAHAHA! Time was when "Mexican" was considered an epithet by Mexis in the United States — but that was the 1960s. Congrats, Alabama — you're even more backward than we thought! Gentle readers: Make sure to visit Weld's website at and click on their links a million times to ensure that they get those advertisers' pesos. Actually, do that for all the papers that carry me, cabrones!

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"given that we've never gotten over the Conquest and continue to bitch about how the United States stole half of Mexico"

Yeah it must be hard to accept the fact that you were ruled by the Spanish for over 3 centuries and the majority of modern day Mexico's population is now a mixed race. Your culture is largely European as well including your language and religion. Now among your best and brightest are moving to the United States and losing even more of their cultural identity (if there's even anything left from before European rule).

Jeff Noble
Jeff Noble

Everytime I ask the Mexican why his landsmen cant' follow the rules, as mine did, I strangely get no answer. Follow the immigration rules or GET OUT NOW.


That same question has been asked, and answered, in many different ways in many different columns. If you're so concerned, a quick look through past columns will give you your answer. How many times can a columnist be expected to answer the same tired, predictable question?


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Ali Alexander
Ali Alexander

Nothing "backward" in refusing to accept illegal aliens. Fact is, most Americans do NOT want amnesty for illegal aliens and do not want them getting benefits.

huffing gas
huffing gas

Awww, how cute... You're confusing fact with opinion. That's okay, though. LOTS of mentally-challenged people make that mistake.

Pinche cabron.