Aloft in the Sundry

Aloft in the Sundry

While there's still a lot of Jason Hernandez's piano on Aloft in the Sundry's latest effort — its second full-length and fifth release — the recent addition of second guitarist Andrew Lopez boosts the overall sound. Former Kill Syndicate drummer Adam Chiszar, the newest member of the band, helps propel the tunes with his muscular chops, especially his fierce double-bass work at the end of "Getting Late (If Time Did Exist)." Hernandez powers through the tunes vocally, tossing in the occasional scream, at times recalling Rage Against the Machine's Zack de la Rocha. There are a number of rockers on the disc, but Hernandez shows he can also tone it down a bit on ballads like "Grandma's Song." Although the band has gone through a number of lineup changes since forming in 2005 (Hernandez is the sole original member), Aloft is still striving for great heights.

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What Jason FAILED to mention is that the majority of this CD was recorded at HyperThreat Sound for a mere $20 an hour in exchange for credits on the CD. Looks like Jason is not only a dick, but a blatant LIAR. Only ONE tune was recorded in the Producers studio. All the new vocal arrangement and melodies were written by Annette Freeman of HyperThreat sound as well. It's nice to know that giving a break to a bunch of kids with little cash would end with a forceful kick in the teeth. Thanks for nothing guys. I'm sure Karma will steal your safe again.

Nic Jay
Nic Jay

Alright guys! Get it Andrew =D Love you guys.


HATER!!! Truly pathetic and dishonest post "HyperThreat Sound" rep! Name calling? You should be careful about calling the kids names! How old are you, 5? How about using their material on your site without permission and without giving them credit? Ever heard of personal integrity and ethics...obviously NOT!!! Keep your hateful shit and sour grapes to yourself! Aloft has true talent, integrity and ethics at their young age! Where is yours? "Hyperthreat apparently means the "threat" of having a shotty studio that steals original music and material from young talented artists, which Annette Freeman will then try and pass off as their own. That's theft, brother! "Apparently, Aloft's karma will run over your dogma!!!

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