2011 Denver #WebAwards winners announced!

Photos: 2011 Denver #WebAwards party

2011 Denver #WebAwards winners announced!
Chip Kalback
From the back of the room at Casselman's on November 16, 2011 at the Denver Web Awards. More Photos: 2011 Denver #WebAwards party

Westword recognized the best of the local Web again in 2011 with the Denver Web Awards, held on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at Casselman's. Below are the winners for this year; here the 2011 Denver Web Awards finalists. -- Nick Lucchesi

Colorado Peak Politics is Denver's Best Political Blog

Because of the secret-secret nature of this blog, it's not entirely clear where it's based. But we're awarding it Denver's Best Political Blog anyway, because, hell, we're in Denver and we read it – especially when we're in the mood for some conservative snark. Digging into the criminal record of Pueblo state rep and congressional candidate Sal Pace and discovering not one, but two (!!) arrests for public urination? Brilliant. Calling him Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination)? Even more brilliant. -- Melanie Asmar

Brian Landis Folkins, the 2011 Denver Web Awards emcee, announces the winner for best DJ/Producer on Twitter, on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at Casselman's. More Photos: 2011 Denver #WebAwards party
Chip Kalback
Brian Landis Folkins, the 2011 Denver Web Awards emcee, announces the winner for best DJ/Producer on Twitter, on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at Casselman's. More Photos: 2011 Denver #WebAwards party
More Photos: 2011 Denver #WebAwards party
Chip Kalback

Lynn Bartels is Denver's Best Journalist on Twitter

Lynn Bartels has been providing blow-by-blow insight into the doings and dealings of Colorado politicians for decades. Now she also does it in 140 characters, tweeting a combination of news and commentary. A recent example? Her response to radio host and author David Sirota, who just couldn't let his wife's loss in the Denver Public Schools board race go. Twoth Bartels: @davidsirota David, Move On. Dot Org. -- Melanie Asmar

Mindy Crane and Stacey Stegman from the Colorado Department of Transportation are Denver's Best PR Flacks on Twitter.

Okay, okay. We know texting while driving is illegal. But tweeting while driving? Oh, @ColoradoDOT, you make it so tempting. Want to know if the chain law has been lifted on Wolf Creek Pass? Tweet CDOT! Need to know which alternate exit to use when part of I-25 gets shut down because of an accident? CDOT's Twitter is there for you, providing traffic updates and answering questions promptly...you know, so you don't miss that exit. -- Melanie Asmar

Mike Henderson is Denver's Best Bartender on Twitter

@MikeHendersonCO, who tends bar at Root Down, sure likes his spirits. And he's not afraid to do some shameful self-promoting, either, luring drinkers to his watering hole with tweets promising hard-to-get New Glarus beer from Wisconsin and a new drink called the Beet Down. (LOL). But he's not all biznass, all the time. The guy also has a sense of humor, as is evident in this tweet: “Are your Mojitos gluten-free?” #onlyincolorado -- Melanie Asmar

The Redheaded Slut is Denver's Best Sex Blogger

The Redheaded Slut is a self-described “kinky Stepford wife.” She's also a no-holds-barred sex blogger with a sense of humor. Her posts are often funny and easy to read, even for those not familiar with the jargon of the kink scene. Take this snippet from a recent post: “I'm going to throw an ice cream fetishist party. It's only going to be for hardcore dairy aficionados. The lactose-intolerant need not apply. Aren't a fan of cones? Don't show up. Not into sprinkles? Get the hell out. Fro-yo lovers? What. The. Fuck.” -- Melanie Asmar

Kirsten Evans's High Altitude Planking is Denver's Web Photo of the Year

This photo is badass. Not for its superior use of composition and light or because the photographer used the correct F-stop or whatever, but because the woman in the photo – one Kirsten Evans – is a fearless motherfucker doing what fearless motherfuckers do: planking at 14,265 feet. Somebody get this lady an award. -- Melanie Asmar

Phish Show Parking Lot Fight is Denver's Most Viral Local Video of the Year

This video is gruesome. A skinny shirtless guy covered in blood faces off against a clearly upset (and much bigger) guy with a graying ponytail while onlookers in the parking lot of a September Phish show at Dick's Sporting Goods Park shout things like “You're gonna go to fucking jail, dumbass!” The video spread like wildfire, inspiring hundreds of comments, dueling Facebook pages and a Westword cover story. -- Melanie Asmar

Queerradical.com is Denver's Best Activist Blogger

Few people would probably ask the same person for sex advice and political interpretation, but the anonymous Queer Radical has the answers to both. With clarity, insight and brash humor, Queer Radical covers topics that will intrigue, infuriate and maybe even annoy you, and does it with brave and creative aplomb across the board. Maintained by donations, the site is an Internet commentary on the sexual revolution penned by a truly sassy online revolutionary. -- Kelsey Whipple

Boulder's Best Twitter User is @downtownboulder

Group-run public city accounts don't have to be boring. There's a reason Downtown Boulder boasts more than 7,000 followers: Its short, straight-to-the-point updates cover both the basics and the deep cuts of events, openings, concerts, restaurant news and the mildly awe-inspiring span of goings-on near the city's Pearl Street Mall. But pay careful attention to the hashtags here: They often betray the real opinion (read: sarcasm) of an otherwise perfectly polite account. -- Kelsey Whipple

Photos: 2011 Denver #WebAwards party

Occupy Denver is Denver's Best Social or Political Campaign

With no tents or structures allowed and regular run-ins with the police, it would be understandable if Occupy Denver struggled to keep the world updated on the movement. But that's hardly the case: The group has occupied Twitter, Facebook and its own easy-to-use website since the beginning of its reign downtown, and all three provide a functional, readily comprehensible approach to a city that the Daily Beast recently voted the angriest in America. -- Kelsey Whipple

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