In February, Denver police discovered the body of onetime restaurant owner Ronald Ford in his home and issued an alert for his longtime partner, Ramiro "Rome" Sanchez, and a homeless cross-dresser the two had taken in, known only as Ms. Puppy. Speculation circulated for a week that Sanchez and Ms. Puppy had something to do with Ford's death and that the pair had fled. But that was before investigators discovered Sanchez's body...hidden in the basement of the same house. In August, police in Palm Springs, California, got a call from a man at a bar who said someone calling himself Ms. Puppy was sitting right next to him. Police swooped in and arrested a man named Daryl Rassmussen. And while Rassmussen hasn't been named as a suspect, Denver police are keeping tabs on him as he moves through court systems in Texas and Georgia, where Ms. Puppy has other legal troubles.

Lomon Sar, 31, forgot to leave his fantasy world behind in November when, police say, he threatened to blow up a Best Buy in Aurora because the store wouldn't sell him a copy of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at a midnight release — even though he'd pre-purchased it. Sar subsequently laid out his tale of woe for news stations, explaining how he had been wronged (he'd called to pre-order the game, but the store didn't have any record of his order) and saying he hadn't really meant to threaten Best Buy. "I put my hands up to my head and I'm like, 'God, now I'm mad.' I said, 'I am so pissed right now I can blow this place up,'" he told 9News. Sar, who bought the game later that night at Walmart and went home to play it for hours, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Denver grandma Rosina Kovar, a retired home-economics instructor, gave the state senate a thrill in March when she taught her own version of a sex-ed class while testifying against a bill that would have allowed same-sex marriage. Kovar explained to the assembled elected officials that "the anus is an exit; it is not an entrance." She also opined that "unlike the vagina, nature put a tight sphincter at the entrance of the anus. It's there for a reason. Keep out!" Kovar's purple language matched her purple pantsuit that day, and her appearance quickly went viral on YouTube and Twitter.

In one of the most ridiculous stories of the year — one that crossed political, racial, cultural and sexual lines — two men and a woman on a flight from Detroit to Denver were detained on September 11, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, strip-searched and questioned because someone had said they were involved in some suspicious activity in the lavatory. What kind of suspicious activity? Initial reports had the trio trying to join the Mile High Club — with a military escort, since the Air Force had sent a pair of F-16 jets to tail the plane. But it turns out that the three passengers, who were all sitting in the same row, may simply have been victims of racial profiling, since the woman — a half-Jewish and half-Arab freelance writer named Shoshana Hebshi — didn't even know the two men (neither of whom was accused of anything) and insisted she wasn't playing any sexy airline games with them.

Titus Terranova might not make the best neighbor, but at least he's honest. In September, the Brighton man posted a message in big red letters on his RV warning potential buyers of the home next to his that he has loud parties, drives loud cars, owns three Rottweilers, lights fireworks and plays his tunes at an elevated volume. His neighbor, who is trying to sell the house, wasn't happy, but Terranova told 7News he wants people to know. "If you don't like that, don't buy a house here. That's all I got to say," he explained.

Mark Rubinson, 25, Robert Young, 43, and Jeffrey Jarrett, 43, liked to party, and in August the three men tore up the town, running up a big bar tab and hitting a strip club. The only problem: Jarrett was dead. In describing what became known nationally as the "Weekend at Bernie's" case because of its similarities to the movie of that name, Rubinson and Young said they hadn't known Jarrett was dead when they loaded him into a car and headed out; they thought he'd just passed out. The two stuck with their buddy all night, though, graciously using his credit card wherever they went. Rubinson and Jarrett have since been charged with identity theft and abusing a corpse.

The battle over medical marijuana intersected with the world of pizza delivery — already a frequent companion — in October when a Papa John's delivery man narced on an Aurora customer who was smoking pot while a child was in his house. The police were called but declined to press charges against Frederick Smith, who has a medical marijuana card. And while Papa John's stood behind its employee, another pizza joint, Sexy Pizza in Capitol Hill, offered Smith one free pizza per month until the 2012 elections for his troubles. The owner of Sexy Pizza supports marijuana law reform.

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You glossed over the shenanigans from the Occupy Denver protestors. A month after naming a dog as their leader, they ended up committing arson on their structures as they were being cleared out. OD protestors, who were claiming themselves as the primarly advocates for the homeless, then disrupted a memorial service for the 136 homeless that had died in Denver the previous year. An inglorious end to their year.


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