A 61-year-old Durango-area mailman was accused of spitting his own feces on a police officer in February after he was arrested for DUI. Paul Andrew Kausalik was charged with felony assault, driving under the influence and criminal mischief, and sentenced to sixty days in jail. What a pottymouth!

Moving parts

In January, a man was arrested in Breckenridge after police discovered that he'd left his toddler daughter in an unheated van in a parking lot for several hours. The temperature that day was around eighteen degrees, but the girl was unharmed.

A man who was sleeping in the camper part of his Ford pickup got an unusual wake-up call in January when someone climbed in the driver's seat and stole the vehicle. As he was being driven around Denver by the clueless car thief, the man called 911 to tell police where the vehicle was going. Police pulled the truck over a while later and arrested the thief.

A semi truck hauling a load of peaches and apples made a big mess in July when it flipped over on I-70 in Jefferson County. Like any good parent, the Colorado Department of Transportation asked the truck's owner, A2B Transport, to clean up the mess or face the consequences — a cleaning bill, in this case. The wreck closed the highway for hours while the fruit was swept to the side, where it remained for some time.

A 34-member U.S. Army unit returning from Afghanistan to Colorado was charged an extra $2,800 in excess-baggage fees by Delta Airlines. Two of the unit's sergeants recorded a video about the situation and posted it on YouTube, prompting the airline to apologize and immediately change its baggage-fee policy for soldiers.

In June, plainclothes Denver police officers surprised riders on a light-rail train by pulling out their badges and announcing that they were checking tickets. As they discovered scofflaws, they issued tickets and banned riders from the trains.

A night on the town, a gyro sandwich and a taxi resulted in a rough time for a 28-year-old woman who ended up being arrested by Boulder police on an outstanding warrant. The saga began one night in June, when the woman, who'd had a few drinks with friends, bought a gyro and then tried to get into a cab. The driver told her that he didn't allow food in the vehicle. What happened next depends on which version of the story you believe (both were in reported in the Boulder Daily Camera): she threw her sandwich at the driver, or he grabbed it from the woman and threw it himself. Either way, the taxi driver wound up with yogurt sauce spattered on his beard and face. The woman was arrested after police found an outstanding warrant for having a dog at large.

A street sweeper cleaning a parking lot smashed into the Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que in Stapleton at 2:25 a.m. last April before coming to a stop in the bar. He told police he didn't remember what happened and was cited for careless driving.

The Transportation Safety Administration certainly faced its share of (occasionally partially naked) critics this year — a continuation of the 2010 angst over the agency's screening and groping techniques. One man in Denver opted to go through security in nothing but a tight pair of colored undies. Nothing was more awkward, though, than the case of Longmont's Yukari Miyamae, 61, who was arrested in July and accused of grabbing a female TSA agent's breast at a security gate in the Phoenix airport; the agent was about to perform a pat-down on her. Miyamae later told a radio station she had been abducted as a child and has a fear of being touched by strangers, which was part of the reason for her actions.

As if air travel wasn't difficult enough, Denver International Airport reported in January that the number of incidents in which people point powerful handheld lasers at airplanes had doubled over the previous two years to 38. The lasers can damage pilots' eyes and temporarily affect their vision.

A dump-truck driver convicted in 2009 of reckless endangerment after a confrontation with a Boulder-area cyclist was involved in another incident last June — this one fatal. Christopher G. Loven was charged with careless driving after an accident in which he collided with 73-year-old cyclist Eugene Howrey in Lefthand Canyon. Howrey died at the scene. In 2009, Loven had been ticketed after another cyclist claimed he'd forced him into oncoming traffic with his truck, according to the Daily Camera.

Suffer the children

Several parents got into a fight last summer during a youth baseball game in Castle Rock, turning into the twelve-year-old boys they were supposed to be watching. The situation started with an umpire's call and ended with pushing and shoving and yelling — not to mention a few citations, including one against the town's very own prosecutor, Christy Ausmus, who was involved in the altercation.

In June, a woman called police to report that her two-year-old was missing, sparking a police search of the neighborhood. It turned out that the mom, who was all of nineteen, had forgotten her son at a pawn shop earlier that day.

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