Getting high on 4/20 in Boulder is a popular activity, especially on the University of Colorado campus, where law enforcement officials usually turn a blind eye — and nose — to the students toking up. But they couldn't ignore a teenager who crashed into a Boulder County sheriff deputy's patrol car at the event. The worst part? The crash happened at 3:43 p.m., before the communal smoke-up. Bummer, dude.

A woman who stopped her car and angrily complained to a group of Westminster police officers investigating a drunk-driving crash that they had stopped their patrol cars in a bad spot was herself arrested and charged with DUI. "I wish every drunk would seek us out. It would be great," a Westminster investigator told 7News.

A drunk driver crashed into a Summit County sheriff deputy's parked patrol car along U.S. Highway 6 in March; the deputy had just pulled over another suspected DUI. The officer wasn't in the car at the time and wasn't hurt.

In January, a nineteen-year-old man freaked out on a woman who refused to buy him beer in Boulder, trying to strangle her, biting her hand and hitting her in the head with a skateboard, according to police. Stephen Edward Siebold was arrested and charged with assault; police say he may have been under the influence of narcotics.

A woman who tried to sneak a drink out of Teddy's Bar in Denver in October went off on an employee who stopped her, eventually grabbing his balls and kneeing him in the leg. The staffer called the cops, who arrested the 41-year-old woman, but not before she apparently tried to make amends. "I wanna take you home and fuck your brains out," she reportedly told the employee. How romantic.

Strange brews and news

A man who tried to put out a campfire in June by pouring beer on it died moments later of smoke and soot inhalation, according to Grand Junction police. A coroner's report said alcohol intoxication was a contributing factor in the 48-year-old man's death.

The University of Colorado filed suit against a toilet-paper manufacturer in May, claiming that the company's product caused the toilets to overflow in more than twenty buildings on campus in 2009 and cost the university thousands of dollars. CU said the "defective" toilet paper supplied by Waxie Enterprises and Royal Paper Converting forced the university to hire plumbing contractors to fix the problems, at a cost of $40,000.

In March, someone reprogrammed an electric highway sign on Foothills Parkway in Boulder to read "Zombies ahead." The sign stayed like that for several hours, despite a lack of actual undead. The Colorado Department of Transportation said the sign was hacked, and changed it to the much less dramatic "Shoulder work Feb. 28 through June."

A hazardous-materials squad was called to a Colorado Springs apartment complex in September after the facility manager inspected a unit and found two buckets full of liquid with an unusual smell. Although the manager suspected it was meth, the mysterious liquid turned out to be beer that the apartment resident was home-brewing.

Before President Barack Obama's State of the Union address in January, Colorado Democratic senator Mark Udall wrote a letter to all 535 members of Congress asking them to sit together rather than separated by political party; the request came in the aftermath of the shooting of Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords. While Udall's earnest, if somewhat corny, call for civility was heartily mocked by many — who called it a "political date night" or "Kumbaya letter" — more than sixty elected officials signed on, including eight of the nine members of the Colorado delegation. No injuries were reported.

In January, Governor John Hickenlooper told the media that he had thought about trying to install a beer kegerator in the governor's mansion, but that his wife had explained to him that the news might overshadow other things he was trying to accomplish. Hickenlooper, who co-founded the Wynkoop Brewing Company, did ask that hops rhizomes be planted in the mansion's vegetable garden, however.

The decision not to install the beer kegerator was probably a good one, considering that Governor Hickenlooper soon opened up the mansion as a boardinghouse for cabinet members who live outside the metro area. Since the governor doesn't live at the mansion, he offered its rooms to his appointed officials. Free beer might have been a little much.

The Year in Review was compiled using reports by news outlets throughout the state, including Westword.

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