The evenhandedness of the artist's choices — equating the tea-baggers and the occupiers, for example — doesn't reveal the artist's own political view; Morris says he leaves it to viewers to come away with whatever message they will. As a political statement, then, the piece is a little wishy-washy, but as a work of art, it's an eye-dazzler.

The other Morris piece, "Balance and Harmony, Truth and Wisdom," in the center of the Ice Cube space, is both related to and different from "Can't We All Just Get Along?," though it's the older of the two pieces, having been shown at the CU Art Museum some months ago. Both works are suspension pieces with central forms, but they are formally very different, with the shapes used for "Balance and Harmony" mostly abstract rather than representational, like those used for "Can't We All Get Along." The topic of the piece is the pearl of wisdom being protected by a dragon and a phoenix; as is apparent, Morris is interested in Asian religion and philosophy.

On the floor is an arrangement of cymbal-like forms in the shape of a footed pedestal made of brown-glazed ceramics that balance on small stands so that they subtly move and shimmer. As a group, they sort of reminded me of roof tiles. Hanging from the ceiling are suspended shapes of cut transparent polycarbonate sheets that hang down to within a few feet of the floor. These razor-thin plastic sheets, some clear and others with a green tint, are hard to see and are thus actually dangerous, since I'm sure viewers could get hurt if they ran into the piece. But taking it all in from a safe distance, it's an apparent success as a visual statement, being monumental and ethereal at the same time, a difficult assignment for anything.

Detail of "Oxytocin," by Katie Caron and Martha Russo.
Detail of "Oxytocin," by Katie Caron and Martha Russo.
"Can't We All Get Along?," by Jerry Morris, mixed materials.
"Can't We All Get Along?," by Jerry Morris, mixed materials.

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Ice Cube Gallery

3320 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Downtown Denver


Through January 28, at Ice Cube Gallery, 3320 Walnut Street, 303-292-1822,

I've never been disappointed by any show I've ever seen at Ice Cube, but right now, with Caron, Russo and Morris doing their best, it's never looked better — as good as any museum around here.

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FYI, Oxytocin is released throughout life, including after orgasm. It is meant for every kind of bonding. Essentially, Oxytocin tells us "it feels good to be with this person." Can't wait to see this installation first hand.


Re: Morris: "... he leaves it to viewers to come away with whatever message they will." - this is the amateur error newer artists make, presenting their work as if it can mean 'anything the viewer wants.'

Lazy thinking. That said, the piece is visually strong as Michael, the reviewer, says.