Reader: Tebow on your Year in Review cover was a bad call

Year in Review, December 29

We've Got You Covered

You may or may not be aware of this unfortunate streak, but last year's Year in Review cover included the Delta Bravo of the year — Balloon Boy's dad — and this year's, probably not the Delta Bravo of the previous year, but for the love of originality, freshness and spontaneity, really? The Justin Bieber of the NFL? I know dude moves the needle multi-media-wise, but honestly, from a PR perspective, is there a worse thing to hit Colorado since westbound I-80 at the Nebraska border and the snowblade craze of the early 2000s?

Tim Tebow may be the greatest overhyped dude on the planet who just figured out the forward pass, well, for a week. But, people, he plays football — and poorly at that. Save the "hater" argument, too. I have a masters of the arts, and I do not listen to garbage rap of this generation and call it reading, so take your thumb out of your mouth, put down the Etch-A-Sketch, sober up and crack open a dictionary! And please do not confuse a polished press conference and media interaction with a well-drilled machine. There will come a day when the world wakes up and realizes that there are actually other human beings on the Broncos who have helped this snake-oil salesman of a season happen other than Te-don't call me Lebron-bow. Personally, I have had enough. He plays football with a platform in mind.

For next year's Year in Review, let's try a person, thing or concept without a platform.Mattie B.


Chef and Tell, Lori Midson, December 29 and January 5

A Local Gets Vocal

Okay, you didn't ask me. I can see why it's so fun to ask all those cute guy chefs.

What I'd like to see a lot less of is ambiguity about organic and local. "Whenever possible" on the menu doesn't cut it. Organic and local are really important — to our health, the farmworkers' health and the health of the planet. Thinking that we can eat whatever we want, from anywhere in the world, whenever we want has to stop. Colorado has great organic farmers, ranchers, dairies, distillers and vintners. Let's demand local organic. Truly.

Marilyn Megenity

Mercury Cafe

"No Street Cred," Laura Shunk, January 12

Street Dreams

I totally agree with the review of Street Kitchen Asian Bistro. I ate here a number of times, and it just was so hit or miss (mostly miss) that I don't bother anymore. But I disagree about there being no good ethnic places to eat in the DTC/Inverness area. There are many: Yolanda's for Mexican (mainly tacos); Saigon Landing, Pho Saigon and Vy Pho for Vietnamese; Little Bangkok or Thai Lotus for Thai; Bucci for Greek, Venice for Italian; Sushi Kazu; Jabo Bar-Be-Q and so on.

Yvonne Barcewski


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Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

You don't get it Mattie B. He is a hero because he is a clean cut example for our kids. Is he the answer for the Broncos, probably not. Is he a openly Christian person as opposed to these characters that get headlines for stupidity in sports. Is that what you want? Labron as an example, or maybe Rothlesberger?


Relax Mattie B! Let the fans be fans. The media will take it wherever it whats it to go. No need to add fuel to the fire. The season is over. Now go home.-------------------------------------


Wow, that Mattie B post really says it all...about the poster. An elitist individual who hates religion (I would hazard a guess, He doesnt rub anyone else' face in it) and proudly proclaims how smart they are, all while cracking open the thesaurus to propel their post into the stratosphere of pomposity. Meanwhile, they pepper their supposedly intelligent posting with "dude", personal attacks ( a sign of lack of a point), and obscure references that hipsters may love to bandy as they are, of course, obscure...(snowblades, really?)

BTW, having a masters of the arts just says you couldnt decide what major you really wanted, or maybe you didnt really excel at anything and decided to just go the kitchen sink route.

But I digress...

From the pretentious, assuming (you know what they say about that) and generally insulting tone of the post, I can safely say I can discard such a severe and neurotic opinion as the rantings of an individual who themselves appear to have a platform of their own.

Hello, Kettle this is are black.