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Chef and Tell series, Lori Midson

Butter Bawl

In the wake of Paula Deen's diabetic confession (insert feigned surprise here), should I find it unnerving nowadays that very few (if any) chefs interviewed for the Chef and Tell series actually describe their foods as healthy, nutritious or salubrious — using terms like "whimsical," "focused" and "creative" instead? What am I missing?

Dave Shuck


Regarding Marilyn Megenity's letter in the January 19 issue: Right on, Marilyn!

Pop surveys of local hot chefs don't ask because, as so many of us know, you are in a class by yourself. You are a great cook, true community glue, and patron saint of the arts in Denver.

Jimi Bernath


"No Street Cred," Laura Shunk, January 12

Rice Checks

I am so thankful for Laura Shunk's review of this "Asian" restaurant that sounds like 100 others like it — and because of that, I won't be heading anywhere deathly near the Tech Center anytime soon. You foodies can relate to the lack of true Asian "street food" places here in Denver, and for those of you who haven't been east, you can trust us: Pad Thai, udon, shu mai (correct spelling, when I last checked) are nothing like the cloyingly ridiculous marketing gigs named "street food" we get here in cowtown. Street Kitchen Asian Bistro sounds like a real downer. I am sorry, but $11 for a plate of Singapore noodles? At any Asian grocery, said noodles are $1.59 a pack...season, add vegetables, you get the picture. And being upsold in a barely improving economy is a no-no in my book. Coconut rice? How about Coconut I scream instead.

Thanks, Laura, for telling it how it is. 

Deb Weisman


I have been to Street Kitchen Asian Bistro many times and always thoroughly enjoy it. I love the variety on the menu, and especially like the pho and the fried rice. It is a beautiful thing to get delicious Asian food without worries of MSG and with consistently high-quality ingredients. The atmosphere and staff are great — a gem in the Tech Center!

J. C. Mattern

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I went several times when Street Kitchen Asian Bistro first opened, but haven't been back in a while. After checking out the website, it looks like perhaps they've ditched the separate extensive dim sum menu and only added a few of those items to the regular menu. I thought that menu had the tastiest offerings at Street Kitchen and would order from it almost exclusively. I'm glad the money bags and a few other dumplings stuck around, but I'll miss the excellent soup dumplings.

Jeff Newcomb

Greenwood Village

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