"It's a huge force of collaborative people," Ashton reveals, "from the booking and management, to the organic street team ambassador crowd outreach, to the fourteen people we have touring with us right now."

The so called "amBASSadors" he's speaking of are pop-up locals, who meet prior to the show to generate ideas about bringing the hype for the night. An open call is placed to anyone interested, and in trade for helping spread the word, Bassnectar's camp provides tickets to the show. It has been a really successful way for the team, which includes dedicated involvement from Ashton himself, to spread the word about shows, happenings and other news from the Bassnectar crew.

Hair apparent: Lorin Ashton is Bassnectar.
Hair apparent: Lorin Ashton is Bassnectar.


Bassnectar, Snowball Music Festival, with Snoop Dogg, TV on the Radio, Rusko and more, Friday, March 2, through Sunday, March 4, Vail Valley, $64.95-$74.95 ($159.50 3-day pass), 888-512-7469.

With such a commitment, Ashton has been able to keep up a hectic tour schedule. But whether he's making music or performing it, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: "I just love that pure, raw power," he concludes.

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James Durfee
James Durfee

Its pretty cool that a Denver magazine is talking about how everybody had to ride the ferry across the Hudson river to see the bassnecture show on gov's island. The boat ride definitely added to how awesome the show was.

Miles Hurwitz
Miles Hurwitz

" dubstep, the subgenre he's essentially helped pioneer" Nope.

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