Smoke shacks are the worst-kept secret in Colorado

"Secret Stashes," William Breathes, March 1

Bowled Over

About time! Among my friends who ski and board, the smoke shacks are the worst-kept secret in Colorado — but I'd never seen a story about them. Thanks to William Breathes for finally doing a piece, and keeping the locations just hidden enough. This should open some eyes to just how cool Colorado can be.

Marty Fine

The legendary, and lavish, Leo's in Breckenridge.
The legendary, and lavish, Leo's in Breckenridge.


Whoa! People in Colorado ski and smoke pot? Yet another fine bit of investigative reporting by this crack team of go-getters. I got a tip for you: There's these things called dog parks that not many people know about. Oh, and someone could write about a kid who plays canasta, way edgier than bridge.

Dave Garner


Sometimes you gotta have medical marijuana to ease the pain in those knees or back in order to enjoy being on the mountain just like before the pain/injury happened. Now, if there was just a medical marijuana dispensary or caregiver set up in some of those shacks...

Brian Elements


Lemmings in Gore-Tex, indeed. I've been skiing and climbing for thirty years. Nothing new about this "story." Smoke if you want. Or not. But there is no value in this piece. Just because the backdrop is snowboarding does not mean that it is not a story about drug use. But then, given that 80 percent of the ad revenue for this rag comes from dispensaries and "self-employed models," it fits quite nicely, I suppose. I've got a red card, but I don't agree with romanticizing controlled substances for the sake of pandering to the hedonistic, narcissistic droves.

Petr Czestiv

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"Still Going," Michael Paglia, March 1

Comic Relief

I thought I'd impart some knowledge that you cannot have because Michael Paglia is too young, like all present art critics. Clyfford Still's early works and Philip Guston's later ones share this: They borrow from the funnies of their youths — "Popeye," by E.C. Segar, in Still's case, and "Mutt and Jeff," by Bud Fisher, in Guston's.  

Eugene Deikman Denver

Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, February 23

More Comic Relief

In his February 23 column, Gustavo provided tips for Altruistic Alabaman for learning Spanish. Here's another: comic books. Read them at your own pace, and see the actions or things represented by the words. I did this for French, although in that language there are larger, hard-cover books aimed at wider age ranges (e.g., Tintin, Asterix). It helped me a lot.

Dick Hess


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REGARDING THE COORS SENATORIAL CANDIDACYLike an ill wind, whenever a political election draws near, we can expect some member of the Conservative Coors political team to revive their faux-good guy persona, replete with white cowboy hat, while following the old campaign trail in behalf of rightist causes. It is well known that the attitude of the Coors family is to donate their political voice and money to conservative issues such as the Tea Party agenda, and to think tanks favoring regressive legislation. If elected, as a representative from the 7th congressional district, true to form, Joe Coors will only advance the interests of his wealthy peers, the “One Per-centers.”

Not long ago, a junior Coors’ tycoon was defeated in his ill-advised senatorial bid favoring Right To Work legislation( a misnomer if ever). And a more recent progressive voting victory in Colorado resulted in the defeat of yet another of the Coors political lineup, who bandied about his absurd proposal for a lowering of the drinking age.

The present is shaped by the past as evidenced by the one percentile of Americans owning over half of this country’s net worth, the result of a continuing bipartisan conspiracy involving the dispossession of the middle class that has been in the political works for decades.

Ever since Ronald Reagan, at the behest of the bankers, and the captains of industry, eliminated strictures against usury that have been in effect in civilized societies since Babylonian times, and eased the way for corporates and monopolies over the rights of workers and ordinary citizens, it has been downhill for the American middle class.

An example of the hubris as practiced at the political level, is the suspension of the most basic rule of jurisprudence, Habeas Corpus, a victim of the so-called Patriot Act, which, has yet to be restored to the rule of law.

And now that the moneyed elite, like the Coors family, having bought the High Court, and our legislative representatives, feeding at the public trough in Washington (whilst practicing real-politicking as a rule of ethical ambiguity, ) isn’t it enough that they should vie for our allegiance, our sacred vote, when, if elected, they will only further intrude on our liberty, our cherished freedoms? Most disconcerting therefore to those of us, seeking regress and a fair shake for the common lot, especially in the area of political enfranchisement for the middle class and the poor, is the announced Coors candidacy for the office now held by Senator Ed Perlmutter. In contrast to the rule of plutocracy in america today, in this era of free market economics ( Darwinian “efficiencies “such as laid upon the workforce) deregulation, and privatization, especially of “ socialist “ New Deal beneficence, are those, patroits, who champion egalitarianism, and justice and that are therefore, apprehensive about the periodic politicking by any of the Coors’s.

It is simply the idle musings of the wealthy that influence their wanting onboard the political bandwagon; as their ultimate goal is a return to the era of abuse at the turn of the Century by Robber Barons, whose devouring greed forced the unionism that the monied and uninformed so staunchly decry. To their chagrin moreover, higher union wages helped empower the American middle class.

For a clarifying perspective, one need only to consider the Wisconsin debacle featuring Right To Work legislation there, where over a million disaffected voters have signed on in favor of rescinding Right To Work legislation, passed by an uncompromising conservative state legislative body. In the past, including affiliation with the ultra-conservative John Birch Society, the Coors family company would rarely hire ethnic minorities, or gays, and the long-haired suspected unpatriotic, as determined by lie detector testing, as a condition for employment; or, allow anything but token unionism, unless forced to do so by law or bad publicity.

As a boy, I remember goon squads chasing union sympathizers around the streets of Golden, and beating them. Of course, all that has changed under the glare of more modernist trends, but true to its past, the Coors company hires mostly contract labor at its brewery and at other Coors run facilities. For many years, Joe coors apparently has run a facility with clandestine and albeit alleged, nefarious contractual ties to the corporate U.S. war industry, the Coors’ Chemical and Porcelain plant, with its noxious vapors permeating nearby residential neighborhoods. As similarly, like sister blights on the character of small town Golden, is the Colorado School of Mines, with its anthrax research, and fracking development, and industry curriculum of environmentally insensitive natural resource extraction.

Considering the long history of the Coors‘s reactionary orthodoxy, caution should be exercised when deciding the vote, as the Coors candidacy platform of record is historically in contrast to the enlightened, progressive leadership that our besotted, materialistic society sorely requires; someone ideally that is without the extremist views and parochial demagoguery as is the general mien of the Republican hierarchy . signed: Concerned Citizen (not affiliated with any union or political party)