Connie spins her stuff at Funky Buddha on April 7

It'll be ladies' night at the Funky Buddha on Saturday, April 7 — not in the drink-special sense, but in the lots-of-ladies-playing-funky-tunes-for-your-dancing-pleasure sense. Connie, of Resolute, Halcyon and Cement Recordings fame, is coming in from the Big Apple to rock the house (or tech-house, to be completely accurate). Connie's streamlined sound tends to meander back and forth between clean, crisp techno and soulful, sassy house, often venturing into acid and electro territory when the mood suits, with plenty of vocal samples and a steady beat that ties everything together. Connie spins regularly at such prominent New York gathering places as Crobar, Pacha, Sullivan Room, Love, and Webstar Hall at Cielo, but she's also traveled the world, weaving her spell alongside such illustrious names as Trentemöller, Konrad Black, Terry Mullan and Ladytron, just to name a few. Jacqueline and Maya Amack will support the Brooklyn diva till she puts this cowtown to rest.

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