Black Sleep of Kali/Union of Sleep

Black Sleep of Kali/Union of Sleep
This Charming Man Records/Per Koro Records

This split LP has Black Sleep of Kali doing something it does well on songs like "Cosmonaut," and that's anchor you in space somehow while a parade of burning sound drifts past you — like you're one of the tune's namesakes shooting toward escape velocity. Then, near the end of the track, the sonic drive drops out entirely, like you've hit zero gravity. "The Witch," meanwhile, sounds a bit more conventional in its structure. The crushing/crashing guitar dynamics and splintery delivery give way to a measured yet incendiary section of song that recalls War and Pain-era Voivod, only sludgy rather than thrashy. Union of Sleep's amusingly titled "N.A.T.A.S." is what early Darkthrone might have sounded like with better production and a deep, menacing bass line.

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Thanks for the inspiration guys. I'm certainly just missing the point in making music, I guess I should just quit.


Black Sleep of Kali / Black Acid Devil / Ironhorse / Extraordinary Un-Original Musician


Sorry Pat, just speaking the truth, my perception anyway. I don't think you are a crappy musician at all, I think you have a lot of potential. Why not do something more unique with it. You can do it; I'm not being sarcastic. You young people should be unique and cutting edge, f... what's come before. Make Denver a leader rather than a carbon copy of the N.W..


I agree, there are a lot of great heavy bands in town that are moving forward with new ideas. These, young dudes, I'm assuming, sound just like Kingdom of Magic and a couple other bands in town that have disappeared. I guess it's the same shit that happens everywhere, kids who missed out try to copy what came before and sound ok but miss the real point, that is, to make art, not just copy. Denver has a lot of that goin' on. I think the guitarist of B.S.o.K. is in Black acid devil (another example of unoriginality using "black" in their names like a crap load of other unoriginal bands), Black Acid devil is still guilty of unoriginality but a little more rockin', they sounded better as a 3 piece, the new guy ruins their sound.


Black Sleep of Kali is a mediocre, clone band at best.If I want to listen to played out shit i'll listen to Karp, Melvins, Torche, or 1,000,000 other bands like this.


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