The rooftop patio at Ignite! could be its best asset

A procession of lovely Fridays has made work very difficult when the weekend is just hours away. One recent Friday, as the temperatures crawled slowly and steadily toward the 80s, I gave up trying altogether, ditching my coffee-shop seat and computer in favor of a long lunch with a friend.

On this unseasonably warm day, I headed straight for the Ballpark neighborhood, one of the hottest restaurant neighborhoods in the city, where I had plenty of choices: Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria, Buenos Aires Pizzeria and Snooze had all staked out territory here years ago, with Trillium and Biker Jim's joining the lineup this past year. If I'd just wanted to drink my lunch, I could have added Star Bar or Whiskey Bar to my list of options, too.

Instead, I made a beeline for Ignite!, the restaurant that Concept Restaurants — owned by Rock Bottom founder Frank Day, R. Kevin Brown and J. Allen Adams — opened days before the end of 2011. The place bills itself as an "urban gastropub" with "fire-crafted food" and serves burgers, pizzas, pot pie made in a cast-iron pan and bacon jerky called "man candy." But the food wasn't the draw this day: I settled on Ignite! because it has a stunning rooftop patio.

Ignite! is in a hot neighborhood, but the food will leave you cold.
Mark Manger
Ignite! is in a hot neighborhood, but the food will leave you cold.

Location Info


Ignite Burgers & Lounge

2124 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Downtown Denver


Ignite! wood-fired pizza $11.99
Roasted turkey BLT $8.49
Ignite! burger $8.99
Steak and frites $15.99
Burrata $6.99
Man candy $4.99
Mac and cheese side $3
2124 Larimer Street
Hours: 11 a.m.-midnight Monday-Wednesday, 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Thursday, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-2 a.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-midnight Sunday

I arrived ahead of my friend, so I let the hostess, who made a production over entering my first name into OpenTable despite the fact that there was no way this could be useful later, lead me to a patio table, which a manager curtly told her to wipe down first as we passed by. And then I stood awkwardly and watched her until she gestured for me to take a seat.

My server was at my table almost immediately, and she had good news. "Did you know that it's Free Beer Friday?" No, I didn't, but I liked the sound of that, especially when she explained that Free Beer Friday meant that one beer from the draft list was free, as long as I ordered an entree. She left me to peruse the list, which was not particularly interesting, though it did branch out beyond Coors Light and Stella (if you're a Coors Light or Stella drinker, you'll find those pouring from the taps, too). The wine roster, an almost completely domestic amalgamation of big brands, was even less interesting, and the cocktail list — which was using the word "martini" as a blanket term for anything served in an up glass — was actually kind of scary. So when my friend arrived, we quickly placed our orders for beer — free, remember? — as well as appetizers and entrees, then settled in to enjoy the sun. Our beers came first, though not exactly quickly, and then our entrees, with our appetizer order of calamari nowhere to be seen. I wasn't totally confident that it would ever come, because our server had also entered the wrong side for my friend's sandwich, bringing him sweet-potato fries — crinkle cut and uniform, as if they'd been dumped out of a Sysco bag — instead of the regular fries he'd requested. But then the server disappeared, and with no one to gripe to, we dug in.

I'd gone for the Ignite! pizza, which piled pepperoni, fennel-flecked sausage, sheets of soppressata, onions and housemade mozzarella atop sauce made from crushed San Marzano tomatoes. The pizza had been wood-fired until the crust was crisp along the edges and a bit soggy in the middle; I suspected that was due to carelessness rather than any allegiance to Napolitano pies, but overall the pie was decent, if overloaded. And it looked like a masterpiece next to my friend's sandwich.

He'd ordered the turkey BLT, which is an admittedly hard thing to gussy up, though it should also be tough to ruin. Ignite! had stacked thin sheets of dry turkey with a strip of crispy bacon, a couple of unripe tomato slices (vine-ripe, according to the menu) and a handful of lettuce about on par with Subway sandwich-bar greenery in a folded sheet of what the menu billed as flatbread but looked suspiciously like pizza crust. The smear of mayo on one side did nothing to revive this mess.

When our server finally reappeared, I asked her about the missing squid. She clapped her hands to her mouth and cried, "That's what I get for not writing things down!" I decided against pointing out that she'd flubbed my friend's fry order, too, instead telling her to forget the calamari and just bring the check.

I wanted to like Ignite!, because that rooftop patio is a special spot. But that first meal made it awfully tough.

Last week I gave Ignite! another chance, on a night when the patio was less of a draw. This time, the hostess led me to a high-top table in the boxy dining room, flanked on one side by brick and another by logs. Though our server this round was just as awkward as the woman who'd first waited on me, he was extremely charismatic — which helped atone for his tendency to forget halfway through a spiel exactly what it was that he was recommending.

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In total agreement...there are other patios in town with way better service and food. Won't be going back there.


I could not agree more. We live in the neighborhood and have tried many times to like ignite. Each time it was between OK to horrible. Never better than OK. We once got the "pancetta wrapped shrimp" which were frozen shrimp, improperly thawed and cooked into a mushy mess with half strips of bacon casually placed underneath on top of a bed of shredded barely green romaine lettuce. Talk about gross! We tried to split the cassoulet (thankfully off the menu) and the meat was so disgusting we didn't eat it and the lima beans were still rock hard.

If you're there to spend time outside, don't bother ordering food. If you absolutely must eat, the wings and mussels are the only food we have found to be, at least, OK. The wings are woefully sweet (only one flavor is gluten free so I have not tried both flavors) but they're at least tolerable. Same with the mussels. If you're there to drink, order the cheapest thing on the menu. If you order anything else, you'll wish you hadn't.

Over all, Ignite tries very hard and falls woefully short. Their menu is enticing enough to bring new people in the door, but the execution has fallen short every time.

Go to Biker Jim's, Trillium, or Marcos for your food fix. If you *have* to be outside, stand on the street corner warning everyone not to go to Ignite.


Agree with this review. I've been to Ignite three times (once in the week after opening, once about a month later, and the third time last week) and have never been terribly impressed. It's a step up from Tavern Downtown, but not a very big one.

But seriously, what's up with the sweet potato crinkle fries?


This review is spot-on and almost mirrors my two experiences at ignite. The first was aweful, due mostly to the sub par cocktails fed to us by the over anxious-wannabe-mixologist. The first, an un-appetizing "Dirty" martini which included what looked to be a large olive, but was infact a caper berry. Sure, I can see how one might find this unique, but if you didn't know it was a caper berry, biting into it one is quite inpleasent. After we expressed our displeasure of this drink, we were then urged to try one of their beer bomb cocktails and assured that they were "big" in vegas right now. I'm sorry, i don't care how popular you claim a liquor is in vegas, I certainly don't want it to be mixed with a coors light and considered chic.

I could go on, but I digress. I had hoped for this to be a great spot, but its just not that great. I will probably not go back unless a friend insists on meeting there.