Maybe even more so here. After all, this isn't exactly your everyday, standard brand of Americana. It's a little stranger — at least that was the idea when the guys came up with the name. After considering a list of hundreds of band names that they'd been compiling for several months, the gents settled on Strange Americans. "I think just having the word 'American' in there and the fact that we consider..." Hoffman says, trailing off for a beat before adding, "If you ask and we have to tell you one word for our music, we always lump into Americana. And also having it not be your standard, traditional Americana. It's got a lot of different flavors to it."

Nelson, who is originally from Rockford, Illinois, says it's also a nod to the fact that they all came together from completely different backgrounds and from completely different parts of the country. Mercier's from Baltimore, Gunshore moved from Phoenix, Sinnard's from Iowa, and Hoffman grew up in Fort Collins.

"We didn't really have it together when we first formed," Nelson confesses. "It took us a while to click, and so it was kind of this thing where there's all these influences and roots pulled from different areas of the country. I guess that the name fit the best at the end of the day."

These Strange Americans look perfectly normal.
These Strange Americans look perfectly normal.


Strange Americans, with Sister Hazel, Tonic, The Swayback, Bop Skizzum and Take to the Oars, Market Street Summerfest, 3 p.m. Saturday, August 11, Market and 20th streets, free.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

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