Coming to a convention center near you: five thousand Walmart employees

Scene and herd: While neighbors over by the former University of Colorado Health Sciences Center are getting their fancy pants all in a twist over the possibility of Walmart being an anchor of the development now proposed for the increasingly decrepit property, Walmart will be putting on a shiny show at the Colorado Convention Center starting August 18.

The 2012 Holiday Meeting is not a public gathering — so you'll just have to head to your nearest Walmart come fall to see what fabulous holiday wares were displayed this week. In the meantime, you can count on 5,000 Walmart reps strutting their stuff over the next week...and dropping plenty of cash in downtown Denver. And we don't see anyone refusing that.

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Walmart and dropping plenty of cash don't normally go in the same story unless their buying their way through a City government like San Diego who is under investigation by the state. Or the outright bribery they have been exposed for in Mexico. We should be so lucky. That would never happen here in Fancy Pants Denver. We are smarter than that. We are being asked to give 20 million tax payer dollars as a 50th birthday present to get the worlds largest retailer to come to our neighborhood. We may be accused of being fancy pants but don't dare say stupid.