"The whole reason we started this is because there's talent that isn't getting tapped," says Converse. "These are friends, and these are people we have faith in above all else. They're willing to go above and beyond the scene if the opportunity is there."

"It's a dream to change how people see Denver's electronic music," Marquess enthuses. "It's become such a hub for dope artists from around the world coming through, but there haven't been a ton of people trying to raise the bar coming out of Denver, at least lately."

The problem here isn't a lack of awesome talent, but simply a lack of exposure and understanding. "When people talk about Denver, they ask, 'What's going on there?' Or they'll talk about the Fray or a few other bands that have gotten to be super-mainstream-level," says Converse. "But when people come through here, they're like, 'Hell, yeah, you've got a great scene here.'"

Holy, Holy, Holy: Ethan Converse, Brett Rowley and James Irvine form half of the Holy Underground team.
Jon Solomon
Holy, Holy, Holy: Ethan Converse, Brett Rowley and James Irvine form half of the Holy Underground team.

Location Info


Larimer Lounge

2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205

Category: Music Venues

Region: Downtown Denver


Holy Underground Launch PartyWith Steffi Graf, Flashlights, Force Publique, 9 p.m. Saturday, September 1, Larimer Lounge, $10-15; Dawn Safari album release, with Giraffage and Slow Magic, 9 p.m. Wednesday, September 5, Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer Street, $8-$10, 303-291-1007.

To see how much the scene has grown — not just the electronic scene, but the scene in general — you need look no further than the ever-increasing number of great shows being booked here. "A lot more bands are being routed through Denver now," Irvine points out. "Ten years ago, they'd skip right over because they didn't think we'd have a scene. That's a testament to how great our scene is: Bands come here because there's support."

With an inverse notion of this in mind, the members of Holy Underground and Dirty//Clean are eager to prove that they're worthy of taking awesome music to everyone else's town rather than merely waiting for it to come here.

Holy, Holy, Holy: Ethan Converse, Brett Rowley and James Irvine form half of the Holy Underground team.

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To be clear I don't want wish to remain anonymous. I stand behind, as well as understand these are my own opinions on the local music scene. Contact me@ PDRBLK on Twitter -Peter Black // Analog Space    


I must be the only one that finds it absurd that the 'Holy Underground' collective wax poetic about how our local talent rivals national talent and deserves equal attention then turns around and books a headliner from Los Angeles (Steffi Graf) for their launch and showcase. This is the typical backward behavior that keeps locals artists in the role of eternal 'opening' acts. Additionally I can guarantee that the out of town headliner will take the bulk of the payout from the door leaving the local 'supporting' acts with minimal compensation. I love all the bands in this collective and have been an adamant supporter of the local music scene for many years. I cannot understand the incessant notion that in order to get press and capacity crowds it's necessary to book out of town artists to appear big league. If we keep operating 'in the shadows' of others I believe we will always be in the shadow of others. It's true we have a wealth of great locals artists/bands etc. What would have made this event spectacular and also reinforced the idea they are espousing that Denver can stand on our own legs and compete on a professional level with others would have been a line-up of comprised entirely DENVER talent. Enough is enough with being pillaged from outside.


Additionally if this collective is truly a one stop shop as mentioned in the above article they should note it's one thing to be a group of like minded musicians with similar ideas and goals. Having a talent buyer with a myriad of connections (assisted by ties to AEG) may be hugely beneficial but it's an entirely different animal to wear the hat of a true promoter. Denver has a wealth of crews and companies that have their hands firmly wrapped around these aspects and they would be wise to take crib notes from those crews if they expect to do something different then what has already been laid before them.


That aside, I'd like to wish the best of luck with these endeavours to everyone involved.  Having a critical opinion is far different then a negative opinion. I truly envision and believe in a Denver scene that flourishes and attracts the attention deserved.          

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