But Jeffco GOP chairman Ytterberg says he is seeing more and more unaffiliated and undecided voters at Republican rallies, which signals to him that "Colorado will go red. I think we will deliver nine [votes] for the Republican Party, and that just may be what's necessary to win the White House."

Both campaigns have been pushing the women's vote with events in these swing counties. The CNN exit polls from 2008 show that 56 percent of Colorado females voted for Obama while 41 percent voted for McCain.

Delia Ciano, 52, who lives in Bailey, is just the kind of candidate both campaigns are trying to court. She was a lifelong Republican until the last election, when her daughter convinced her to vote for Obama, in part because of proposed threats to Planned Parenthood. "I feel like we have so much to lose, as a woman," says Ciano, who now volunteers with the Obama campaign. "I talk to my Republican friends and family and ask them, 'Why, as a woman, are you voting Republican?'"

She hopes some of the women she talks to will cast their vote for Obama — and their husbands don't have to know. "If I can speak to one woman...that person can go and talk to her girlfriend and that girlfriend speaks to her mother.... One person can make a big difference," she says. "Our president needs us to support him."

Nissa Szabo, a 23-year-old volunteer for the Romney campaign who lives in Arvada, part of Jefferson County, says that concerns about the economy trump questions of birth control that the other side often raises when trying to court female voters. "Obama has not lived up to his promises to my generation or to women in general," she explains. "People are still looking for jobs, and that's really disheartening."

Call says that Democrats are misrepresenting the GOP's position. "The Democratic Party's approach to tackling this issue has been fundamentally dishonest," he says. "We also think voters in Colorado, especially women voters, are a whole lot smarter than the Democrats...give them credit for."

Mike Fassi, chairman of the GOP in Larimer County, says he's focusing on sending a message of Obama's failed economy, asking his county's residents, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"

It's important, he says, to remind residents that their votes in this election could make a difference on a national scale."The people of our county recognize that if Larimer County does not deliver, it will affect not only this generation, but three or four generations to come," he notes. "They understand the ramifications of this election."


The importance of the key counties and Colorado as a whole in this election was not lost on Paul Ryan when he made his first visit to Jefferson County as a vice-presidential candidate. But his visit to Colorado was not all about politics, he revealed at the start of his speech.

"It's great to be here in Colorado," he said. "I was actually planning on being here in Colorado this week..."

"Yeah!" someone in the audience interrupted.

"...only on our family vacation," Ryan continued, scoring laughs from the audience. "You see, my family is over in one of our great national forests here in Colorado while we speak. We come here every summer. I've been climbing fourteeners for over twenty years here in this great state."

After the applause died down, he continued: "I have such great memories of jumping in our family station wagon...and enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountains you have here.... This is one of the most beautiful states in the country."

And it's also one that just might determine the next president of the United States.

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I was walking my Rottie Clyde , this morning around 3:00am as I often do when I'm having trouble sleeping . We went down to a little pond close by when I was knocked down by a blinding light , bright as the sun .

Shielding me eyes and reaching for Clyde , I soon made out the image of a man . 

As I fought to focus as the man became clearer , BAM ! One final flash and there stood before me  a man I'd never had laid eyes on before in my life . Still on the ground and believing I had completely lost my mind , he approached and extended a hand to pull me up . Smiling , he introduced himself as Joseph Smith .

The man was small and smelled of dry shit and no matter how hard I tried , Clyde fought til he got   loose , attacking Mr. Smith by the throat . By the time I was able to get him off , it was too late . Clyde had removed a large chunk and blood was gushing from the massive gaping hole .

I knelt down barley making out the blood soaked words but he made me promise on his death bed to carry out his mission and speak w/ the Romney's.

First ,tell brother Mit to immediately drop the race and apply as greeter at his local Sam's Club .

Next wanted me to say something to Mrs. Romney in regards to her disgustingly obvious FAKE smile .  If not , her face was going to get stuck like that forever .

He tried to say more but he was going fast . Just when I believed him to be grasping his last breath , he began to fade and turned into the fuzz , resembling when programming ends on a television station .

Next thing you know he was gone and I'm now left trying to figure out how to get Clyde and I to Tampon Bay ???...

Donations ?

Anyone ?


NObama's attack ads have been vicious and full of UNTRUE "Facts".  The numbers don't lie!!  Unemployment above 8% for 4 full years........The economy at 16 trillion in debt.  Higher taxes on small businesses will continue to drive them out of business!  Romney is a successful businessman KNOWN for fixing these types of problems.  Ryan is the most astute ecnomic man in Congress.  The plan for America by Romney/Ryan FAR Exceeds anything Obama has.....Obama has Medicare going broke in just a few years!!!  Romney/Ryan actually HAVE a plan to fix it and provide for people under the age of 55!  All those 55 and over NO CHANGE!!  My neighborhood is full of houses that were foreclosed on-because the owners lost their jobs!!  Obama has broken his campaign promises ALL of THEM!  **********Romney/Ryan 2012***********


Romney and Ryan have a problem, big problem. And all of the followers of Romney and Ryan have a problem.   It is called the Constitution.  U S Constitution, Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.      So the US Constitution clearly requires the federal government to protect states from invasion.  More than a million aliens illegally pouring across the border into the US each year is clearly an invasion.  This is an undeclared war by the Vatican, a hostile, foreign nation.  Definition of terms Vatican - A foreign, hostile government to the US.  The Vatican has no allies, only "subjects".  The Vatican does not negotiate with any nation, the history is strictly subjugation.  The document the Vatican uses as the "guiding" of the Vatican is the Catholic bible.  The Vatican has never, nor will never accept any document (such as the US Constitution) to be above the Catholic bible.  Therefore, peace is not possible.  The Vatican is at war aganinst any and all nations that are not of the Catholic dogma.  This war is unending. Catholic - An agent or spy for the Vatican.  These spys and agents may claim to be "citizens" of another nation (for instance, the USA), however, the true alliance is with the Vatican.  Thus Catholics are to be treated as hostile individuals to the US. If elected to US office, they take an oath to defend the Constitution of the US.  Then they act in compliance with the Vatican. This is treason during time of war.  In peace it is sedition. .   So, Romney and Ryan, Boehner, Pilosi and all the rest of the Catholics (R and D alike) that have joined together to keep the borders open are traitors.I have a question. Is there a successful Catholic nation in the world? Please name one.  Do not vote for failure,  R or D. 


You do know that the University of Denver is hosting a presidential debate in October, right? Seems odd not to mention that.

Reckless Red
Reckless Red

band name does not necessarily indicate party affiliation...

Louis Lieb
Louis Lieb

I'll continuing watch mostly PBS, as it's both interesting and not subject to sleazy attack ads. Once November comes, I'll vote (I've already made up my mind).

Marta Mansfield
Marta Mansfield

I'm pretty sure that we've decided who we are going to vote for come November. The swing states just get more visits and more commercials and we end up getting bitter by the colossal waste of money that they spend bashing each other.


 @Juan_Leg my first election i ever voted in i voted nader......just to get home in time to catch an interview of him saying not to vote for him cause thatd be a vote for bush........thanks green party!


 @alfiefinnell Your really bringing up the Constitution in defense of obama???? He has historically BROKEN the constitution more than any other president in HISTORY!!


Look up indefinite detention, He GAVE 1.5 BILLION TAX DOLLARS to the Muslim Brotherhood without congressional approval, The man thinks he is King.


 @alfiefinnell I understand your rhetoric but it really doesn't make a lot of difference-your comment sounds like Conspiracy theory.  Romney AND Ryan did not approve of Obama's action giving Amnesty to the illegals.  We have too many Hispanic Citizens in our state who also believe in following the process to become a citizen.  Romney will also deal with illegals on a much more direct level than NOBAMA ever has.  He is allowing the border guards to disregard the laws!!  *****Romney/Ryan 2012********