At the DNC, both John Hickenlooper and the aspens were blooming

Scene and herd: We know that Governor John Hickenlooper is considered something of a golden boy in the Democratic Party; in fact, he was recently included in the list of a half-dozen politicians that CNN suggested might be "the next Obama." But convention planners in Charlotte definitely put the colorful in Colorado when they planned the backdrop for Hickenlooper's speech on September 5. While other politicians had more sober backdrops (Representative Diana DeGette, for example, spoke before a traditional picture of the U.S. Capitol), Hickenlooper was backed by a stunning, golden photograph of turning aspen.

And so it glows...

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This was CNN's - BTW, a rapidly slipping news organization in terms of viewership - way of creating 'content' when there really wasn't a story there to begin with. Hick's political career will end following his 2nd term after which, he'll return to the private sector. His philosophy toward public service parallels that of James Madison, who maintained that government is best served by citizen-legislators, not career legislators.

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My major complaint with Hick is that he has done nothing about all of the Beatle Kill timber in Colorado.  My next vote is for someone who can be more of an advocate for our natural resources.


What exactlly makes Hick the "next Obama" - they have incredibly different pasts and experiences

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Worst vote i ever cast, i plan to make up for it by opposing Hick at every turn.

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Are you sure he will remain w/ the Democratic party ?

The higher up the political ladder he goes it appears,

so does his conservatism ....