These occasional missteps don't seem to dampen the good time everyone's having at Lucky Pie, perhaps because the staff is so friendly. Servers are thoughtful, offering pitchers of iced tea on hot days and bringing off-menu dipping sauces that complement on-menu items. Such cheerfulness, though unprofessional in more formal environments, is in keeping with Lucky Pie's fun, casual vibe.

The white "zucca" pizza at Lucky Pie should never go out of style.
Mark Manger
The white "zucca" pizza at Lucky Pie should never go out of style.

Location Info


Lucky Pie Pizza & Tap House

1610 16th St.
Denver, CO 80202

Category: Restaurant > Pizza

Region: Downtown Denver


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Lucky Pie Pizza & Tap House
Bacon peanut brittle $4
Ham and ricotta fritters..$7
Kale chips $4
Strawberry salad $7
Mozzarella bar $7 (2 cheeses)/$5 (1 meat) $1.50 (condiments)
Zucca pizza $12
Sausage pizza $15
Braised lamb meatballs $10
Prosciutto-wrapped trout $17
S'mores $8
1610 16th Street 303-825-1021 Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. (drinks only until 11 p.m.) Sunday-Wednesday; 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (drinks only until midnight) Thursday-Saturday.

LoDo has some revolving-door spaces. But with Lucky Pie's ability to swap out the next big accessory when today's kale chips and bacon brittle start to fade, this restaurant just might get lucky. After all, pizza — especially when crafted with care, as it is here — never goes out of style.

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Gretchen has done one thing in her reviews that I admire.  She has made it clear that she visited the restaurant a number of times.  Presumably all reviewers do this, yet most reviews seem to want to provide the illusion that they are reviewing a singular dining experience.  Which then, of course, leads to reader criticism that judgment shouldn't be drawn from a single experience.  I don't know why most reviews are written this way, but I appreciate how Gretchen lets us know that the review is based on a multitude of experiences.


Interesting, the pizza in the picture looks nothing whatsoever like the pies I've had at Lucky Pie's Louisville location.  Those pies are flat, a bit greasy, very chewy and have (in my opinion) way too much cheese applied, to the point where it glops off onto the plate when you pick up a slice.  Not terrible - they seem to be trying, and the ingredients are good - but I just can't get enthusiastic about them.  I also found their "roasted vegetable plate" to be pretty insulting - something like $10 for barely-cooked bell peppers and red onion, with a scant couple of pieces of still-chewy fennel.  Maybe the Lodo location has these execution issues better worked out.


 @monopod We agree on one thing, that the pie above looks puffier than the pies I have had in Louisville, but that's where the agreement ends.  I have eaten at Lucky Pie 4 times, and each time the pizza has been excellent, as have the apps.  My gold standard is tasty food, and if it's done at a reasonable price, all the better.  And in that respect, I have found Lucky Pie to be consistently hitting the mark.  I have never experienced a pizza that was too greasy (pizza is supposed to be somewhat greasy, that's part of what makes it pizza) nor have I experienced too much cheese on my pizza. 


Perhaps you hit them on a bad day, or perhaps our standards are different.