Vegetarians, be warned: The menu is meat-centric, with just a couple of sandwiches for non-carnivores. Twice I tried to order one of them, the eggplant parmigiano, and was told the deli was out, which left me sorely disappointed — not because I'm a vegetarian, but because it promised "Mazzio's red sauce," and I'm betting that red sauce from an East Coast Italian boy like Mazzio is good enough to lap up. Pescatarians have a few more choices, including the terrific Cajun shrimp salad, with crunchy celery, herbs and spicy mayo sandwiched between layers of salty, housemade focaccia. (All other breads come from Bluepoint Bakery, which, coincidentally enough, once occupied a below-ground space in the IceHouse.)

Quality ingredients have a starring role at Red Star Deli.
Mark Manger
Quality ingredients have a starring role at Red Star Deli.

Location Info


Red Star Deli

1801 Wynkoop St., 175
Denver, CO 80202

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Downtown Denver


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Red Star Deli
Egg sandwich $3.95
Breakfast burrito $4.50
Lox bagel $7.95
Cubano $9.50
Pastrami $9.50
Muffuletta $10.50
Curried chicken-salad wrap $8.50
Cajun shrimp salad $10.50
BLT&E $8.50
Smoked chicken $9
Italiano $10.50
Arugula salad $5
Peanut butter cookie $2
Rice Krispies treat $1.50
Brownie $2
1801 Wynkoop Street, Suite 175
Hours: 7 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Friday

That snafu over the eggplant parm aside, disappointments are rare at Red Star. The lemon vinaigrette is so puckery, it overshadows the arugula salad it comes with, and the curried chicken-salad wrap would benefit from more grapes and fewer radish sprouts. Once I was overcharged, and another time I couldn't find a fork to save my life. But these are minor quibbles. With so much good happening under this award-winning chef's watch, I encourage you to don your hiking boots and march up those stairs.

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