When you go out, what's your favorite cultural activity? I love to go to art museums and local history museums. Chicago's History Museum is a prime example. When I was in Chicago and dropped in, they had a Civil War camp set up on the lawn, complete with cannons, a surgery unit, costumed children playing the games of the day, and Civil War re-enactors. Those finds are gems. Theater is always on the list. I love seeing the venues as well as the shows.

What's the one thing you'd like to see to improve the local scene? Expanded coverage of our smaller culturals. We have an abundance of cultural riches here in Colorado, and...I understand the importance of coverage of our large institutions, but at times feel a bit resentful because they also have large marketing budgets. In my fantasy world, the media says, "You know, The Book of Mormon has been sold out for months. They don't really need us to write about them, so we're going to cover something that needs a good bump." Sigh.

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Don't show artwork at Forest Room 5. I had pieces in there years ago for a special show and they lost half of them. There staff didn't seem to care either. Avoid St. Mark's Coffeehouse as well to hang art. Their baristas are rude basically throw your art in the trash.