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Yoshitomo Saito. Goodwin Fine Art is hosting the impressive Yoshitomo Saito: Espírito Alegre, made up of the Colorado-based Japanese-American artist's signature nature-based bronze sculptures. It includes pieces from his "Colorado Loop" series as well as his new "Espírito Alegre" work. From a distance, the pieces, which are simultaneously super-realistic and abstract, look like non-objective three-dimensional scribbles, but as you get closer, you realize that the elements are actually skillfully cast and welded bronze elements based on tree limbs, roots and even entire plants, with all of their details preserved in the metal. For Saito, the use of Colorado plants links this work to the Western landscape tradition. Interestingly, since Saito is interested in stacking one idea on top of another — abstract, representational, Brazilian jazz, the Western landscape — it's not surprising that Japanese calligraphy, which looks like elegant doodling to the Western eye, underlies all of these compositions. Through October 6 at Goodwin Fine Art, 1255 Delaware Street, 303-573-1255, Reviewed September 20.

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