Switching up management, Ghetto Blaster somehow got a second record deal, only to be dropped that time as well. It seemed to be a good time for Nasi to return to the Mile High City. "I never feel quite right being away from the family and friends and all the drama that really sort of drags you down in a lot of ways," muses Nasi. "But that's your family and your friends, and I felt pretty strongly about coming back home."

In 2003, Nasi ran into an old friend, John Shipe, during a solo show he was playing at Old Curtis Street Bar. Shipe still had his drum set, and the two soon started working on songs. Around the same time, Nasi saw Dearly Beloved, an outfit that included another friend, Whitney Rehr. The band was without a bassist at the time, and Nasi offered to fill in. He and Rehr talked, and she revealed that she had been wanting to play bass in a band, too. Nasi, Rehr and Shipe got together and formed a trio, and a few years later, I'm a Boy played its first shows.

This year marks Nasi's first release of a full-length album since 1992's Lovely Like a Snake with the 40th Day. Sensation has all the hallmarks of the music Nasi grew up loving and coming to love as an adult: textured melodies like those you'd hear in an R.E.M. song, or something by the Beatles but with the occasional punch of a Cheap Trick, or the Who with Lou Reed's flair for literary lyrics. It has the sound of a mature rock record without the sense of surrendering to the inevitable compromises of adulthood.

From the 40th Day to today, I'm a Boy's Jimmi Nasi (right) has a long history in the local scene.
Toddy Walters
From the 40th Day to today, I'm a Boy's Jimmi Nasi (right) has a long history in the local scene.

Location Info


Herman's Hideaway

1578 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

Category: Music Venues

Region: South Denver


I'm a Boy, with Thief River, Fleeting Matters, Medicine Jones and Joey Michel, 6 p.m. Saturday, October 20, Herman's Hideaway, 1578 South Broadway, $4-$8, 303-377-5840.

"I guess basically what we're talking about is just years and repetition of the act," Nasi concludes. "The act of writing songs, the act of playing guitar, the act of recording — I think it's in the grooves."

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I love this band, and I couldn't agree more with the article.  When I compare "The Small" to Cheap Trick's "Mandello," Jim seemed genuinely touched.  These 3 don't have the inhibitions to deny liking any type of popular (but good) music, but they also have a background in a wide array of obscure stuff, as well.  Great, great trio.

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