The music of Two Fresh is made distinctive by Kendrick and Sherwyn, who add their own vocals to the music as opposed to relying on vocal samples. "Everyone can rhyme, even if it's just to themselves," says Kendrick. "It's all about having the confidence to share it, spit it live, or give it to someone else to write on a track."

"We've always been experimental," adds Sherwyn, "and you can find the samples you might want, but it's simple to throw a microphone up and be the Danny Brown you want to be."

An added element of experimentation involved bringing drummer Colby Buckler on board for the live productions. "We started out making such downtempo music in an upbeat world," Kendrick recalls of their early efforts. "Colby adds that extra flair — that element that keeps you going — so when you listen to our music in your headphones, you get one vibe, and when you hear it live, it's completely different."

Kendrick and Sherwyn Nichols are Two Fresh.
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Kendrick and Sherwyn Nichols are Two Fresh.

Location Info


Bluebird Theater

3317 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80218

Category: Music Venues

Region: Central Denver


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Two Fresh, with Cherub, Force Publique, Mosis and Gunkst, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, December 15, Bluebird Theater, 3317 East Colfax Avenue, $22-$25, 888-929-7849.

With the brothers now residing in metro Denver, Buckler is able to sit in on the production, getting a better feel for the tracks and better unspoken communication with the two guys he complements with his drums. Uprooting themselves from across the country wasn't easy, but releasing an EP and an album via Boulder-based record label Elm & Oak prior to moving here certainly helped the brothers' local reception. "We had known Berk [Visual] and Alex [Botwin] before we moved here," says Kendrick. "And we had some homies already living out here, so that helped."

Two Fresh now stands on the front lines of a changing genre. "Hip-hop is a lifestyle," says Sherwyn. "We've seen it for so many years, and it's what we love and what we want to do."

As the two prepare to drop a new album, they're confident that the recording will show definite growth and change. "We're making more Southern beats now than we did when we lived in the South," Kendrick says, half joking yet completely serious. "We moved from the abstract paint-a-picture stuff, like on Air Mail, to the more upbeat stuff with our vocals. Since that's already happened in hip-hop, it's natural for us, and totally new."

 "Hip-hop, like all music styles, is a cycle," the two brothers conclude, nearly finishing each other's sentences. "Hip-hop started out flashy with videos and money, but the backpack came back, and it's more about bringing good content and the art of lyricism."

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