Though installations dominate the show, there are some paintings — not counting the ones that make up Rebecca Vaughan's "Florid and Liminal," since they were done by somebody else. Vaughan has vandalized these existing decades-old landscapes, and in the process has raised troubling issues about the nature of art-making and authorship. More traditional in the sense that they were actually painted by the credited artists are Lanny DeVuono's aerial landscapes, Beau Carey's night landscape, and Terry Campbell's oversized figure study. Also noteworthy are the neo-pop paintings based on digital images by Jaime Carrejo and the related — and really cool — screen prints by Chinn Wang. In these Wangs, shadowy images of ski masks provide the background for silhouette botanicals of flowers. They are really smart-looking.

"Untitled 27," by Derrick Velasquez, cherry and vinyl.
"Untitled 27," by Derrick Velasquez, cherry and vinyl.
"Indexical Sentiments," Joel Swanson, digital-print wall piece.
"Indexical Sentiments," Joel Swanson, digital-print wall piece.

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2350 Arapahoe St.
Denver, CO 80205

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Downtown Denver


Through December 30 at RedLine, 2350 Arapahoe Street, 303-296-4448,

I know there are a lot of things out there right now for art fans — after all, we're at the high point of the season, and there's even a van Gogh show in town, for heaven's sake. But still, as hectic as things are, I think it would be a good idea to swing by RedLine and check out what some of Denver's most interesting contemporary artists have been doing over the past year or so.

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