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Toy Stories II. Bill Havu has decided to get us into the lighthearted aspect of the holidays by mounting Toy Stories II, a sprawling group show at his namesake William Havu Gallery. The exhibit highlights artists who somehow engage toys as a topic in their otherwise individually distinctive works. Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker have created Murakami-esque creatures in the guise of inflatable pool toys. These sculptures are surrounded by sophisticated conceptual-realist paintings by Michael Brennan, one of which is a haunting depiction of Pinocchio. Arguably among the strangest things in the show are the weird hybrids of cartoons and Meso-American imagery seen in the sculptures by New Mexico's Max Lehman. Florida's Esteban Blanco also does small sculptures, reliving his pre-adolescent love of guns, trains and torturing Barbie dolls. Carrying the torch for idiosyncrasy are the somewhat creepy wood carvings by Michael Stevens. There are also small displays dedicated to Lawrence Argent, Michael Brangoccio, Suzanne Adan and Laurel Swab. Through January 5 at William Havu Gallery, 1040 Cherokee Street, 303-893-2360, Reviewed November 28.

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