Doug Lamborn

In a move that proved to be a sign of how out of touch right-wing Republicans would become by the end of 2012, U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn began the year by boycotting the State of the Union address. The Colorado Springs congressman played this political card by saying he wanted to "send a clear message that he does not support the policies of Barack Obama, that they have hurt our country." But the Big Bird-hating, oil-shale-loving congressman (who once said that being associated with the president was like touching "a tar baby") scaled new heights of stupidity in June when he freaked out over a photo of a five-year-old girl bathing in disgusting orange bathwater — not because the water may have been tainted by a coal-mining operation — the kind of business Lamborn loves — in West Virginia, but because the girl was naked. In fact, he sent the photo, submitted for a congressional hearing, to the Capitol police, who questioned its taker, photojournalist and activist Maria Gunnoe, for an hour. "I think this woman should consider what type of materials she brings to hearings," Lamborn told the Denver Post. Questioning the coal-mining companies, on the other hand, would be out of order.

George Boedecker Jr.

Boulder millionaire George Boedecker Jr. already had a knock against him for having co-created Crocs, the painfully ugly line of shoes that has mercifully faded in popularity. But he really upped the ante on August 12 when Boulder police say they found him passed out in his $80,000 Porsche. Boedecker first told authorities that he'd pulled over to take a nap, but then changed his story and announced that his girlfriend had been driving and she was "batshit crazy." During continued conversations with the cops, Boedecker began pulling out every rich-drunk-guy cliché in the book: "When asked for his address, he replied, 'I have seventeen fucking homes.'" He also warned that things were about to become medieval for the cops and declared, "I'm not doing your fucking maneuvers," later bemoaning the fact that he was being arrested after all he had done for Boulder. He then told two cops to "go fuck yourselves in the ass" and said he would have their badges, according to the police report. But he really dropped the bombshell after being asked where his girlfriend had gone. The police document reports that Boedecker said she was a singer and "really fucking famous" — and then wanted to know if the officer was familiar with Taylor Swift. When asked where Swift had gone, Boedecker gestured toward a neighboring yard and said she'd gone to Nashville. By the way, Boedecker was not wearing Crocs, according to that arrest report. He was wearing flip-flops.

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