With the addition of Newblom on drums in 2011 and the return of bassist Anthony Sunderland on bass, Dead Ringer has taken on a new life, finally delving into some material that has been waiting seven years to be released on a new album, Forward to Nothing. "A lot of the songs are about girls — I'm not gonna lie," jokes Rossi. "But the title is about coming to an end and having nothing in front of you but whatever is ahead of you. No looking back, just moving forward."

Although you can definitely hear that sense of focus and determination on the new record, it also doesn't lack for the spirit that attracted the bandmembers to punk rock in the first place. "When you're at a show, it's not a good band unless you can sing along with your fist in the air to one song," opines Rossi. "At our shows, most people get on the stage at the end of the night, and we're all in the band, you know? 'Coming Home' is a definite sing-along song. It's about if you were sick of this place and left, you can always come back."

In spite of the lineup changes and taking time off along the way, the guys in Dead Ringer have not succumbed to the temptation to rename the band or rebrand the project.

This band is a Dead Ringer for the punks that came before it.
This band is a Dead Ringer for the punks that came before it.

"We just have this mentality that there's a lot of great bands in this town that break up and go to another great band, then break up again and go to yet another great band," Rossi explains. "I think that if you have your name and you really want to get respect in town, and you really want to have a following, you should keep that name.

"You can be in five great bands, or in one great band and make it work for years," he concludes. "I'm not putting down the bands that have done that. But for me, I didn't see any point in stopping."

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