As executive chef at more than a dozen restaurants during his thirty-two years in the business, Hartnett has not just experience, but lofty intentions, which is why beef is butchered on site, buns and pastas are scratch-made, and local ranchers and farmers get favored status. He also has a real Southwest pedigree, including a decade in Taos and Santa Fe, where he worked with Mark Miller, founder of the famed Coyote Cafe. So I don't doubt him when he says that at Kachina, he's trying to "bring Southwestern cuisine back into vogue."

Location Info


Kachina Southwestern Grill

10600 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CO 80020

Category: Restaurant > New American

Region: Northwest Denver Suburbs


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KachinaHuitlacoche tamales $10
Green chile cornchowder $8
Navajo tacos $5
Bison meatloaf $15
Three Sisters $21
Filetes a la plancha $25
Grilled chicken and chorizo $19
Pork posole rojo $14
Grilled quail $18
Trio of guacamole $9
Chocolate chile beignets $7
10600 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster
Hours: 6:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday-Sunday

To do that, though, he should ditch the bus tour and edit the menu into a selection of dishes that can be executed day in and day out. Plating deserves more attention, too, and staff requires more training. (One night, a server responded to questions about dessert by taking the menu from my hands and reading verbatim.) Is Hartnett's goal far away? Currently, yes. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Lucy, what are you talking about??  Have you actually had the food at Kachina?  It is actually amazing which I'm confused by the review to begin with however Kachina provides an experience. They have received plenty of awards from Westword which should indicate the food is amazing.  I don't know ANYWHERE in Westminster where you can get great food and the scenery.  I appreciate Kachina bringing something new & INNOVATIVE to the north.


One  cannot really expect more from the Sage Restaurant Group, they are all about the gimmicky and cliched.  Disco brunch at the Corner Office in the Curtis Hotel and pajama brunch at Second Home . Please give a  break and just give us great food and service. Sage =FAIL!


Regarding the Epcot comparison: The food at Epcot has really improved in the last few years. I had the misfortune of dining at Kachina recently and it reminded me more of my Disney visits in the early 90's when the food was truly horrific.



What awards and what did you eat at Kachina? They haven't received any awards from anyone. I have a relative that works there and have eaten there plenty of times (because of the discount) and the food was horrible every time. The desserts are the only thing I, or anyone in our family, will eat there. Thankfully they're looking for a new head chef.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


From where I live, it costs less and takes less time to just drive down to the Hopi reservation and have the real thing.