Waid, from Arizona, also does abstracted landscapes, but because there are clearly recognizable things like birds and flowers in them, the viewer is clued into that fact more quickly than in Scott's pieces. Waid does have some abstract expressionism in him, because he's more or less an action painter — attacking the canvas with pigment — but with all the recognizable things, he's more of a neo-expressionist. One striking feature is the garish color choices he's made against dark backgrounds. On some level, they refer to Mexican souvenirs like fluorescent paintings on black velvet.

Finally, up on the mezzanine, there's Homare Ikeda/New Works, which is dominated by paintings on paper by this well-known Colorado artist. Everything is in Ikeda's highly original style, in which he creates shapes derived from nature and then crams as many of them into the picture as he can — not just next to one another, but over each other — and in the process creates a precarious pictorial balance that seems as though it's going to collapse into visual chaos but somehow doesn't. His colors are deep and rich, and they lend the works an atmospheric quality, as though we are looking into a hidden world.

"Torso," by John McEnroe, cast resin.
"Torso," by John McEnroe, cast resin.
"Earth, Water & Sky, XX," by Sam Scott, oil on canvas.
"Earth, Water & Sky, XX," by Sam Scott, oil on canvas.

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Robischon Gallery

1740 Wazee St.
Denver, CO 80202

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Downtown Denver

William Havu Gallery

1040 Cherokee St.
Denver, CO 80204

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Central Denver


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Through March 2, Robischon Gallery, 1740 Wazee Street, 303-298-7788, www.robischongallery.com.Through March 2, William Havu Gallery, 1040 Cherokee Street, 303-893-2360, www.williamhavugallery.com.

All nine artists on view at Robischon and Havu deal with the landscape in their own ways, and eight of them are working in the West. That gives us a special relationship with them, because we live here, too.

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