The followup, the even darker Creature From the Whack Lagoon, catalogued one of the most challenging times in Vincennie's life: His brother died and his mom was dying (and eventually died, of cancer), and his personal life outside of that had fallen apart. "Why So Serious," which deals directly with his mother passing away, is a powerful song that's almost uncomfortable in its despair, matched only by "Part Two," in which Vincennie distills the harrowing emotions seething within him into a single song. "I didn't really see the light at the end of the tunnel when I wrote that song," he confesses.

His next record, Chronicles of an American Waster, was almost a counterpoint, a bounce back from the darkest places of his psyche. "I tried to make Chronicles of An American Waster the polar opposite of Creature," he explains. "But the song 'Eddy,' on cool-ADE," his latest album, "is the true story of a guy who used to just beat the shit out of my mom," he notes. "That was one of my first memories of my mom.

"I like this record because it expresses where I am now," he adds. "I still suffer from a lot of guilt from when my mom died. There were things we should have hashed out before she passed away that I don't feel right about. I want people to know that I loved my mom, even though things didn't end right. I felt like on my previous records that I whined too much, and I wanted people to know that it wasn't just me whining."

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Extra Kool, with Time, Church Fire, Maudlin Magpie and Dash Render, 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 20, Herman's Hideaway, 1578 South Broadway, $3-$6, 303-777-5840, 21+.

Indeed, cool-ADE feels like Vincennie's most fully realized record yet, with a perfect balance of the harrowing and the happy and his startlingly honest songwriting intact. "The cool-ADE is the way I aid myself through my music and the way I change things to kind of mellow myself out," he concludes. "It was an attempt to try to grow as an individual."

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