Ask a Stoner: Is cooking with pot easy?

Dear Stoner: I really enjoy eating my cannabis to help deal with chronic muscle and nerve pain, but the price of edibles is starting to put a dent in my bank account. I've never made my own pot food. Is it easy to do? What about finding marijuana to cook with? My wallet and I would appreciate any help on this.

Mr. Munchies

Dear Munchies: We feel your pain, and we know how much eating cannabis can help it. Thankfully, the only thing you really need to know is how to infuse butter or oil with cannabis. If you're a medical-marijuana patient and have a caregiver, then the easiest thing to do is to ask for leftover trim. Most caregivers would be happy to give you some of their waste, provided you bring them some baked goods in return. If you don't have a caregiver, there are plenty of dispensaries that sell trim and shake for $60 an ounce or less. If that doesn't work, Craigslist would probably be a good (though quasi-legal) place to find some.

The basic method for making cooking oil is to simmer about six grams of cannabis in four ounces of oil for about thirty minutes. Strain out the herb when you're done, and you've got some potent cooking oil. Butter is slightly trickier, but works on the same principle. Boil a pan of water and drop in a stick of butter and up to a quarter-ounce of herb or trim, let the butter/water/herb concoction simmer for about an hour, and then pour it through a metal strainer into a clean bowl to separate the plant material. Place that bowl in the fridge overnight, and the cannabis-infused butter will separate from the water. You can drain any excess water by squeezing the butter in cheesecloth.

The rest is as easy as following cookbook directions and substituting non-infused ingredients with your infused ones. Remember, potency can vary from batch to batch, so be careful and pace yourself until you know just how baked your baked goods will get you.

Dear Stoner: In your recent column about movies, you forgot that TV shows can be in the "stoner flick" genre as well. Probably the ultimate stoner TV is "The Big High," a 1968 Dragnet episode. Pure pot paranoia at its best, complete with two stoned parents accidentally drowning their baby in a bathtub during a "pot party." Just wanted to point that out to you and your readers.

Smokin' Sam

Dear Sam: Thanks for the reminder on a classic bit of reefer-madness propaganda.

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I prefer to use a crockpot for the cannabutter. it simmers it at a good temp (on low) for a long period of time (I usually do overnight, so about 8-10 hours) stir occasionally to make sure it doesnt get burned. Then, wake up, tend to it and strain (I use a cheesecloth, it seems to be the best method) after that, pop it into a bowl or butter container (it may vary in color, ive heard different things but mine is usually a slight green color) and let it chill and harden. Voila! I use an ounce of usually shake bud as it works well in potency either way and makes for a good quantity  I use the butter in sweets, sauteing button/portabella mushrooms, anything really! The taste is not that different - as a matter of fact, try making snickerdoodles! The cream of tartar balances out the canna taste and you get a deliciously potent treat! Super relaxing as well!good luck1 it's a learning process to perfect what you prefer!

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Would you review our app? I hate to toot my own bowl, but I think it's the best tool our there for medical users, and I want users to know it's available.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Yup, I use one ounce of trim to make one pound of butter. It's good close trim from a good variety. I then make the simplest sugar cookies from that. I just get the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, which take 1/3 cup butter. Every time I make butter, I pour it, 1/3 cup at a time, into aluminum foil cupcake forms. Making the cookies is too easy. Just use the butter.

The value of the sugar cookies is they have a super-long shelf-life, and you can score the bottoms with a butter knife to split them into fourths to titrate your dose (I rarely eat a whole cookie at once.)


Another thing you can do is to make a glycerine tincture or coconut oil. I put both into capsules in my refrigerator. When I'm at home, I use those instead of cookies, as they're slightly more accurately dosed and don't work as well on the road. The glycerine tincture capsules seem to absorb faster than the coconut oil capsules. You can try taking the glycerine orally without a capsule, but the reason I put them in capsules is I couldn't handle the horrid taste of the glycerine. You can cook with the coconut oil, too. 

 Do yourself a favor and always keep track of how much you cook with. You don't want too much edibles at once!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Dear Stupid Stoner,

[insert inane contrived simpleton query here]

Answer is always the same -- Stupid Stoners are as Stupid Stoners do.


BackOffImStarving topcommenter

Weed butter can be dangerous.  I have some brownies in the freezer that should probably be labeled a clear and present danger to society.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@murmursound Yup, that's what I do, but instead of cheesecloth, I use a gold coffee filter over top of a gravy separator. Stick a straw in (keeping air in it so butter doesn't clog it when it hardens) and you can just pour off the water after the butter hardens, just as you'd pour the gravy out from under the fat.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@Facebook Page To be specific, it's a dispensary review app, which is good to know, because not all patients go to dispensaries.