In August 2012, Mascorella departed again to continue her pursuits in higher education, and Grbac and Harada brought in keyboardist James Han, who's most known for his work in Fairchildren and with Nathaniel Rateliff and the Wheel. Both had long admired Han's considerable talents, and he was a natural fit. "He adds more melody to it, a lot of layering," notes Grbac. "Now Land Lines is more in the experimental vein that we had initially hoped to move toward. We were like a bunch of screaming teenagers in Matson Jones. Even if we'd have had guitars, it would have been a straightforward rock band."

"Somewhere in between maintaining the integrity of what Anna was doing and coming up with new ideas and maintaining the space involved with all of the songwriting is what I'm trying to do," says Han.

"I think Matson Jones was so out of control we had no idea what to do," says Harada. "Every month it was something new and something bigger and better was being offered to us. But this time, I think, for me, it was being forced not to play for like two and a half years. I think we missed not necessarily the success part of it, but the practicing and spending time writing and spending time with Martina, Anna and now James. That's the part that's the most fulfilling to me. Now we have this great record we're really proud of."

Location Info


The Walnut Room

3131 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Downtown Denver


Land Lines at Gathering of the Clouds, with Gliss, Morning Clouds, Hindershot, Hollow Talk and DJ Heavy Dose, 7 p.m. Friday, March 8, Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut Street, $17-$50, 303-292-0529, 21+.

"Now I've really settled into it, but at first, when we started playing as Land Lines, I had so much Matson Jones baggage left over," Grbac concludes. "I was really freaked out to play. We hadn't played in so long, I was really worried people were going to compare us to Matson Jones. Now that I think about it, when I listen to Matson Jones, I'm like, 'Oh, God!' This is so much better — I don't know what I was afraid of."

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