Wednesday, March 13, Marquis Theater, 866-468-7621.

In the testosterone-fueled world of aggressive rock and heavy metal, it's not easy to be a lesbian singer, but Otep Shamaya has outlasted many of her contemporaries. She's been writing and recording for twelve years, a disciple of Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison. Otep was signed to Capitol Records after only four shows, and since then, the Los Angeles native has built a cult following of people who connect with her preferred subject matter, which ranges from her unabashed left-wing politics to stories about overcoming obstacles and having hope. When she's not riling up crowds on stage with her eponymous band, which just issued its sixth studio album, Hydra, Otep writes poetry (she's released several volumes), paints, writes for several websites and is an outspoken champion of women's rights, highlighted by a speaking gig on behalf of Rock the Vote at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

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coiledrose like.author.displayName 1 Like

She's been an example of a true artist and a poet for a decade now and hasn't stopped rocking since! Otep is fantastic to her fans and has been a real example of talent and passion in an industry that mass produces bullshit for fast cash. Being active politically she's an advocate for being an informed American citizen as well as a world citizen. You're spot on in this analysis. ROCK ON!



@coiledrose "Informed American citizen"? As long as it does come down to questioning Obama as much as she (rightfully) did Bush. She's silent there.

jimmulvaney like.author.displayName 1 Like

@sflm @coiledrose  It could be that she is going through a more artful period in her life that does not involve politics as much. The album art and inspiration for HYDRA testifies to that possibility. Such was not the case with Ascension or Smash the Control Machine. Her last album Atavist shows a period of transformation. I hate it when people put their own ideas of 'responsibility' upon a musical artist. Their only 'responsibilities' are to inspire and create.

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