This time when the start gates open, Hunt is focused. He doesn't flinch when the racer to his left stumbles. Despite his double vision and bad leg, he hits every gate pole perfectly. But to his right, Serbian racer Jasmin Bambur is even faster. When the two reach the finish line, Bambur is ahead by a fraction of a second.

But when Turgeon and Barrett, who've been watching from the hospitality tent, meet Hunt at the end of the race, he seems content. Bambur, after all, was a top-ten finisher in the 2010 Paralympic Games, at a time when Hunt had barely begun to ski. Now, three years later, Hunt had nearly beaten him.

And NSCD media-relations staffer approaches: A team of Australian reporters would like to talk to Hunt. "Sure," he says, and walks over to meet them after he finishes autographing his race jersey for the son of a friend. As the reporters shake their heads in disbelief, Hunt offers an abbreviated version of his "My Life From the Ski Lift" speech, the one that makes grown men cry. He has Barrett do his high-five trick, leaping up to touch Hunt's palm as the photographers snap away. And he hands out copies of the official "Joel Hunt" glossy collector's card printed up by Operation Rebound. Hunt made sure his bio on the back included his favorite saying:

"Tough times don't last, tough people do."

"Who would have thought this three-combat warrior who was blown up countless times would be where he is right now, such a rock star?"

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Joel H-train Hunt
Joel H-train Hunt

How do I get copies since I'm in Utah for competition would like to give out copies to the TBI camp I'm mentoring next month???