Connecting music-business students with bands, companies and performance is only part of the appeal of the Root 40 Fest for Daniels, who has his own connections to that segment of East Colfax. "I think I saw my first major rock show at Mammoth Gardens," he recalls. "I think it was John Sebastian. I saw Zephyr when Tommy Bolin was with them in 1969."

Nor is Daniels the only one with strong musical ties to that part of the city. In 1960, Bob Dylan spent his summer crashing on floors and playing gigs at the Satire Lounge, a spot favored by acts like the Smothers Brothers and East High School alum Judy Collins. The Fillmore Auditorium, formerly known as Mammoth Gardens and Mammoth Events Center, has maintained its status as one of Denver's premier spots for live music. Down the street, the historic Ogden Theatre has built its own reputation as a stop for national artists since reopening as a music venue in 1993. Then there are the dozens of smaller venues that line the avenue, spots like Independent Records and the Lion's Lair, that have hosted everyone from Andrew Bird to Jonathan Richman.


Root 40 Music Fest, Sunday, April 21, through Saturday, April 27, various venues along East Colfax Avenue,

Clearly, music is part of the very fabric of this sretch of Colfax. The business owners, residents and organizers behind the Root 40 Music Fest want to make sure that thread remains strong. "We'd like to see some community support coming in, and not just attendance," Salazar concludes. "We'd like to see the business community support music in general.... I don't think they realize it's all in one neighborhood. This is a little entertainment district."

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Derek Rggls
Derek Rggls

I am most pumped for that Patrick Skyler set.

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