Despite his restaurant's name, Le has designed a menu that also features a wide selection of steamed rice and rice noodle dishes. Most are Vietnamese in origin, but some are Thai, and while they might appeal to those tired of pho (though I can't imagine ever tiring of the dish), they're not where Pho Lee's heart is. A vegetable-heavy lemongrass sauté seemed devoid of its signature ingredient. Drunken noodles were light on chicken and even lighter on flavor. And the coconut curry would have benefited from more sauce covering the strips of tofu, carrots, celery and onion.

If you want to branch out from pho, opt instead for the stuffed chicken wings, which are more like fried, skin-on chicken rollatini harboring a fat filling of rice noodles, pork, mushrooms and mint than their bar-food name suggests. And by all means, share an order of Vietnamese egg rolls. If you haven't tried this kind of egg roll before, you'll be thankful that Le's wife, who runs the front of the house, happily teaches hesitant first-timers that the whole lettuce leaves, slivered cucumbers and posies of fresh basil and mint aren't intended as garnish or salad, but as a wrapper for the rolls. Since I ate my first Vietnamese egg roll in Europe twenty years ago, I've never understood why chefs from other countries don't borrow this technique more liberally.

See also: A closer look at Pho Lee
Mark Manger
See also: A closer look at Pho Lee
Mark Manger

Location Info


Pho Lee

6860 S. Clinton St., Unit C
Greenwood Village, CO 80112

Category: Restaurant > Asian

Region: Southeast Denver Suburbs


Pho Lee
Avocado smoothie $3.75
Stuffed chicken wings $14.95
Vietnamese egg rolls $5.25
Pho, medium $6.75
Lemongrass sauté, rice plate $7.95
Coconut curry rice plate $7.95
Drunken noodles $7.95
Combination plate $8.50
Grilled beef bowl $7.25
6860 South Clinton Street, Unit C, Greenwood Village
Hours: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday-Sunday

Even the most ardent pho-natic might want to share a plate of grilled meats, which come with rice or noodles and offer a nice contrast to the often raw meats found in the soup. The combination plates are popular, mounded with enough beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and egg rolls to serve a group family style, but you might find everyone reaching for the same thing: the thinly pounded, well-trimmed marinated beef. If so, order the grilled beef by itself next time, along with those egg rolls and a big bowl of pho. And at the end of the meal, as you're asking for takeout containers to dump those extra noodles, sprouts and herbs into, don't forget to order an avocado smoothie. Unless, that is, you've already decided to enjoy dessert first.

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Who cares? This is garbage after 2 times.....Buy something yumy, not this sustainable junk....If I have to die, I won't die here...Punk City Junk.

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Mary Gould

A few more these of restaurants on south federal. . .