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Roland Bernier, Sue Simon, Madeleine Dodge. The small exhibit Roland Bernier: Still Life of Words, in the north gallery at Spark, is made up of pieces from the "Four Letter Word" series, in which Bernier expresses words in a collaged grid of two letters above the other two. Opposite the grid are recent photos of stacks of letters. Bernier is one of Colorado's earliest conceptual artists, having done work that incorporates words, letters or symbols, for the past sixty years. In Spark's west gallery is Sue Simon: Dimensions, made up of the artist's abstracts about scientific concepts. Simon points out that art and science each attempt to explain reality, but they are often seen as antithetical, and she wants to resolve those opposites. She does so by integrating expressionist spatters and hard-edged volumes, as well as the formulas representing the ideas behind each painting. In the east gallery is Madeleine Dodge: Broken Geometry, which comprises painted metal wall-relief panels that are meant to refer to quilts and other things made of simple repeated patterns. For Dodge, these patterns are codified visual languages signifying culture. Through May 19 at Spark Gallery, 900 Santa Fe Drive, 720-889-2200, Reviewed May 9.

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