The next broken ankle happened almost exactly a year later. The Dolls' two travel teams were in Portland for a pair of bouts against the Rose City Rollers. The morning of the day they were set to leave, the two teams held a "hangover scrimmage" — a laid-back chance to skate against some formidable competitors for fun. Wilms decided not to skate that morning, but several of her teammates took part, including the long-legged Sprouse, aka Gator Dunn.

"I was jamming, and I was out there right behind one other skater, and we just kind of got tangled up," Sprouse recalls. "Our wheels locked, and when she skated and pushed with her left leg, it literally folded my foot over." Shocked at the sight, Sprouse quickly popped her foot back into place. But when she tried to stand up, she says, she realized it wasn't really attached to her leg. "I told them, 'I think we need to call the ambulance, because I think my foot's broke.'"

On the way to the hospital, a teammate called Wilms and told her what had happened. Wilms spoke with the orthopedic surgeon at the ER in Portland and also instructed Sprouse to get copies of the X-rays, with the promise that she'd take care of her once they returned home. Less than a week later, Sprouse was in the operating room. On the day of the surgery, she changed the names on the hospital whiteboard to read "Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang" and "Gator Dunn." An outgoing Southerner with a mischievous streak, Sprouse also gave derby nicknames to the anesthesiologist, "Painless Peterson," and the nurse, "IV Reitz."

Caitlin “Muffin” Krause suffered a horrifying ankle injury last year
Caitlin “Muffin” Krause suffered a horrifying ankle injury last year
Kim “Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang” Wilms (left) and Krystal “Gator Dunn” Sprouse have skated together for several years.
Kim “Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang” Wilms (left) and Krystal “Gator Dunn” Sprouse have skated together for several years.

The surgery was successful, but it was the follow-up care that impressed Sprouse the most. "She...made doctor house calls through this," Sprouse says, including a trip to Sprouse's home to remove the stitches post-surgery. "She definitely went above and beyond."

And although Wilms understands her teammates' desire to start skating again as soon as possible, she didn't let either Sprouse or Cleveland cheat on their recovery. When Sprouse started skating a mere three days before she was supposed to, Wilms wasn't happy. "She was like, 'You could break your ankle again!'" Sprouse says. "She genuinely cares, and it's not because she's making a buck.... She doesn't want her work to be destroyed."


A self-described adrenaline junkie, Wilms has the tan, fit look of someone who spends much of her free time on athletic pursuits. Aside from roller derby, she enjoys wakeboarding, skiing, soccer, river rafting and volleyball. "She's just really incredibly independent and strong to the point where it creates challenges," says Krause, her former teammate. "She'll talk to me about guys and trying to find somebody who can even keep up with her and isn't intimidated."

But while Wilms is aggressive and fiercely competitive in sports, her friends say those attributes are counter to her personality. The word most often used to describe her is "sweet."

"She's very soft-spoken and very go-with-the-flow," says Sprouse.

"I don't think people would ever know she's a skater," Cleveland adds.

In fact, some of Wilms's medical colleagues don't know. And those who do tend to raise their eyebrows, though Wilms says many of them are also fascinated. "A lot of people think it's extreme," she says. "They think it's an unusual combination.... Sometimes you get that look: 'You play roller derby? You're crazy.'"

But regardless of what other doctors think of the sport, it has allowed Wilms to develop an expertise in skating-related injuries — and not just those caused by roller derby. In February 2012, Wilms saw a patient who'd broken her ankle skating with her daughter at a Skate City roller rink. During the appointment, Denver mom Nani Gallegos complained to Wilms that she'd probably never skate again.

"She said, 'Don't say that! I play roller derby,'" Gallegos remembers. "I was like, 'You're a doctor who plays roller derby? That's so cool!'" Gallegos's now-eleven-year-old daughter, Lourdes, thought so, too. Lourdes had recently been to a roller-derby bout and fell in love with the sport. When Wilms told her that the Dolls had a junior league for kids, the grade-schooler was sold. She signed up and has been skating under the derby name "Hit Girl" ever since.

Lourdes says accompanying her mom to that doctor's appointment turned out better than she'd ever have thought. "I was all bummed that I had to go with my mom, because it was during the summer's usually boring there," she explains. "But after I joined [the league], I was glad that I went. I was sad that my mom broke her ankle, but it was kind of lucky too."

About three months later, in May 2012, Roller Doll Samantha "Claudia ShankHer" Montgomery was skating in a scrimmage when her right foot skidded to a halt, as if it were glued to the track, and she heard a crack.

She wanted to believe it was just a sprain, but after spending a sleepless night in pain, she knew the injury was more serious. A trip to an urgent-care clinic confirmed it: Montgomery had broken one of the bones in her ankle. Having previously seen Wilms for plantar fasciitis, a torn ligament in her foot and a pulled muscle, Dr. Bang Bang was Montgomery's first call.

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Dr. Wilms treated my big toe injuries and was simply the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable podiatrist.  I have diabetic feet issues, injured both feet while visiting here, and she actually made a house call and helped me right away.  She went above and beyond and even cut my shoe inserts to take pressure off the injured toes.   I just cannot thank her enough for her care and expertise in getting my feet on way to total recovery.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "chatted about the upcoming weekend's bout and joked about "boob tagging," a game whose rules are just what you'd imagine."

I wanna play!


I wouldn't trade a dozen 'Kim's' for my doctor and friend . Finding a GOOD doctor has cut my narcotic intake by more than in 1/2 !  She DOESN'T greet me w/ a prescription pad in hand . I won't mention her name out of courtesy but  more than likely, she has kept me alive for 15 yrs or so more, on this miserable planet . Just maybe I'll be around long enough to see everyone blow each other up w/ the 'Oh so feared', "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION !!! ", I keep hearing about ......


Yayyyy Kimmy! So cool that you got the cover, love ya girl!!!


I have been under the knife of my teammate DR Kimmy Kimmy bang bang and she did go out of her way in trying to find the surgery less costly. I broke my Left ankle in roller derby as well. My doctor took care of me and even made house calls. Best doctor I have ever had. She is very compassionate, hard working doctor and an excellent skater.  You put me back together, so I could continue with skating but most importantly become a mortician. Love ya kimmy.

fishingblues topcommenter

Dr. Bang Bang?  I'm just going to leave it alone.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@fishingblues  ... makes me want to injure myself ...



'Fish' is already permanently injured and out of commission in that 'spot' ...

He'd talk her to death w/ much of his senseless theories & beliefs .

' His plagiarism talents noted ......'