Putting together Discharge, the band's latest album, was a bit of a challenge for the group, between illness on the part of the recording engineers and Star's own personal crisis as she grappled with the fact that she was living a life that wasn't suited to her — a married woman working a corporate insurance job. The band eventually worked things through, and two years later, Dangerous Nonsense emerged with a record that is lo-fi and raw, but also very present, packaged in striking artwork created by Star.

"There's a lyric in 'Creepscope' that goes, 'If roots can crack through the sidewalk, so can we,'" notes Star. "The roots thing came because I think of the tree of life when I think of us. So I integrated us into the image as roots, so the 'dangerous nonsense' aspect is the AK-47s — as in, we're trying to grow things, but are we growing violence? What is dangerous nonsense growing in society?"

"If dangerous nonsense is the roots, then what comes out of that is going to be deadly," Weber interjects. "We have a song called 'Victim Control.' When you take self-defense classes, they always talk to you about how, as a woman, you should try to not get raped instead of telling people not to rape people. And you don't go out at night without a whistle, and you'd better yell 'Fire' because people may ignore you if you yell 'Rape.'"

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Oriental Theater

4335 W. 44th Ave.
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Dangerous Nonsense, with Talk All Night, Suzi Homewreker and Doctype, 8 p.m. Friday, May 24, Oriental Theater, 4335 West 44th Avenue, $10, 720-420-0030, all ages.

"I think really what drives me in a visceral way, artistically, is this need to call things out and to name things," she concludes. "One of these songs specifically names a rapist. We are publishing his name because public shaming seems to be the only form of justice that there seems to be. To call things really what they are. That's frustrating for me as an artist, because I don't necessarily want to be that explicit about things. But I think there's a value in that."

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