Two weeks later, city prosecutor Ben Rasmussen charged Meyer with "agricultural operation interference," a crime under Utah's new ag-gag law. She became the first person in American history to be ensnared for the crime of filming cows.

In April, Potter posted the tale of Meyer's travails on his website, Green Is the New Red ( The story went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of readers before the site crashed from the volume.

Within a day, Rasmussen decided Meyer didn't make a very good criminal after all and dropped the charges.

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Jevan Russell
Jevan Russell

This makes me so sick to my stomach. I grew up in small town Texas and I myself have seen things that are stated in this article and makes me sick to my stomach. These ppl should be jailed or sent to the insanity ward!

Laura Jean Lee
Laura Jean Lee

Every time you go out to eat or purchase food you are voting for a particular food system with your dollar. So go local and organic :)

Rachel Griffin
Rachel Griffin

Or you could choose a meatless meal and not feel grossed out or guilty in the first place :)