"Honest politician" is an oxymoron

"A Distant Episode," Alan Prendergast, June 20

Law and Ardor

Oxymoron: honest politician. Oxymoron: honest lawyer.

Harrumph! Jeff Shrader wants more, give him less. Let him come clean first.

Gene Edwards
Colorado Springs

More secrets surrounding the Columbine shooting than mentioned here.When there are remaining secrets, how can this be discussed? If it's a problem, find a new candidate.

Karen Trujillo
Posted at westword.com

"Mile High Monumental," Michael Paglia, June 20

Civic Duty

Yeah, Civic Center is great. Just get rid of the crackheads.

Johnny Genova

"Standing Tall," Michael Paglia, June 20

Museum Quality

Michael Paglia remains the critic of record for art and architecture in Colorado. For MCA Denver to be listed among his selection of noteworthy hallmarks of area architecture — it was the only building of recent vintage to be acknowledged — is truly a great recognition.

The vision of Karl Kister, former president of the board of trustees, created the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to serve as the client for the building project. It is from that exceptional position that I was able to work with David Adjaye/Adjaye Associates. Karl's leadership, passion, cash and commitment to community were driven by transparency and a style of ethics that many see as fading in the museum world. As an architect, he brought depth and sensitivity to the entire design process. Without Karl, there would be no MCA Denver. His legacy should be embedded in any historical account or record; he truly gave to his community without the prospect of personal return.

MCA Denver was inevitable. It came into form through the hard work and passion of many individuals. The building stands today as a response to an intensive dialogue between all of the generations of amazing staffers, volunteers, trustees and donors, yet the continual association between the realization of MCA Denver and the gift of land concerns me. This gift should not be lauded as the key ingredient in the building of the museum. My intention here is not to diminish the role that the site played in the history of the museum, but to broaden the scope of understanding about the way that this special project came to fruition. Moving forward, it would be salient to credit the building of MCA Denver to Karl Kister. His contribution far exceeded the value of the ground that it was built on.

Adjaye's design creates an interstitial space where visual art can deliver the imagined. When I look to the photograph of the building in Paglia's Westword article, I see its integrity fraying at the edges. Let us hope that the current leadership knows that great buildings can only be remembered in the future when they have wise and careful stewardship in the present.

Cydney M. Payton
San Francisco

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Hmmm....what's Cydney Payton up to? She's bashing the person who provided the land for the MCA Denver (who just coincidentally happens to be the same person who fired her); She's calling Michael Paglia the best arts and architecture critic in the history of Colorado when that is clearly laughable- the guy published a book that required the subject matter to BUY PAGES (artists who don't have any money to begin with) and conveniently overlooks Mary Chandler (by the way, his partner in that embarrassment of a "book") and Kyle MacMillan, who was the only arts critic in Denver who actually had the integrity to review art honestly and fairly (meaning not because he was friends or "frenemies" with the artists, which is the game that Paglia plays); and she totally dismisses Adam Lerner, the current director of the MCA and his wild popularity in Denver. It's something Cydney was incapable of achieving herself and now that she's been away from Denver for so long, she's apparently afraid that everyone has forgotten about her, which they have. Please Cydney- get a life. The arts in Denver are much better off without your special brand of histrionics and phoniness. You don't have a job in San Fran and you're definitely not going to get your old one in Denver back. Move on!