The band's evolution continued with the departure of Ryan Self. After attempting to replace him with another bassist, the group settled on the idea of remaining a three-piece. "Every attempt we made to have another bass player in the band just felt really artificial, like there was something really interfering with the chemistry of the band," Tardio explains. "Once we forgot about the idea of having a bass player, we were able to play music again. It took a while for us to realize that being a three-piece is actually more dynamic-sounding for us than trying to force us to be a four-piece.

"Stylistically, I think we've drifted apart in some ways, but it's actually made us a stronger band," says Tardio about the progression of I Sank Molly Brown's sound. "Now I just kind of write punk songs, and Dillon just writes these post-rock songs, but it works out perfectly, because we complement each other. Dillon thinks about the guitar the way that most people think about a piano, in terms of having complex and tonally varied compositions and dynamics.

Location Info


Illegal Pete's

270 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80223

Category: Restaurant > Mexican

Region: Southwest Denver


I Sank Molly Brown, with A Shoreline Dream, the Royal and more, 2 p.m. Saturday, July 20, Illegal Pete's, 270 South Broadway, $35-$50, 720-287-5233.

"I just think about rhythm," Tardio continues. "I think about guitar like a drum and melodies. It's cool, because when I play guitar, I play more like a punk guitarist, and Dillon plays bass in a very nuanced way. When we switch, I play bass like a more syncopated player and focus on melody. Dillon plays guitar in a melodic, full way. Johnny sits in between those two things. Our music philosophy between the three of us is very different," he concludes, "but we know each other so well, we're able to lock in most of the time."

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