Ian McIntosh, project manager for Catamount Constructors, the builders of the Veranda apartments, didn't respond to requests for comment on his company's efforts to address the neighborhood concerns.

"We just want the developers and the contractors to treat our neighborhood with a modicum of respect," Durr says. "We're under siege."

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The author of this article failed to recognize or even mention the FACT that the real estate nearest to this site was built nearly 50 years ago and has not aged well! A four bedroom, 2.5 bath 3,200 sq. foot house within one block of the redevelopment rents for $1800… whereas for $1750, you can rent a 1,000 sq. foot, one bedroom condo at Veranda Highpointe. Yeah, we all know that construction can be messy, loud and annoying but the FACT is, this redevelopment project will inevitably bring a ton of attention, local businesses and most importantly, cash flow into the ran down neighborhood; which WILL unquestionably increase the property value of the surrounding area! Instead of complaining, boycotting and employing a local journalist to write a one-sided, fact lacking article; maybe the Holly Ridge community should be investing their time in updating the appearance of their own properties!