Understanding this political aspect puts an entirely new and somber slant on the seemingly joyful Soundsuits, many of which were newly created for Sojourn. After telling me about the association he has with King and Martin, Cave mentioned that he was giving up doing the Soundsuits, with the ones in Sojourn being among the last for a while.

Up next is a connecting space anchored by a gigantic tondo, "Constellation," which has a splashy abstract-expressionist composition carried out in glittery materials. Cave explained that the piece was made by cutting up and repurposing beaded and sequined garments he found in thrift shops. His imaginative use of found and ready-made objects and fabric is remarkably deft, and through it, he's converting the labor expended to originally make them into his own.

In a large space beyond are a series of impressive sculptures that are conceptually related to the other work, but formally quite distinct. These sculptures, most simply titled "Sculpture," follow a kind of formula. A virtually life-sized ceramic or plaster dog is placed on a chair or settee. Above and enveloping the dog is a dense network of metal rods reminiscent of branches, onto which small ceramic birds or flowers have been mounted on little stands. The whole arching structure is adorned with dense skeins of beaded chains bought by the yard through the fashion industry.

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Denver Art Museum

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Through September 22 at the Denver Art Museum, 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, 720-865-5000, denverartmuseum.org.

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If the Soundsuits refer broadly to a gay sensibility in their glitziness and their undeniable phallic character (right down to Cave's use of male mannequins), these sculptures metaphorically scream with the association. They're like little vignettes from a drag queen's piss-elegant apartment, and they led me to think of Cave as the RuPaul of installation and performance art — which made him laugh.

Another gallery full of Soundsuits precedes the show's final passage, which is made up of projected videos, a few of which record dancers in Soundsuits, while others show changing views of crocheted doilies. There have also been live performances associated with Sojourn, including Heard•DAM, which was drafted into the Biennial and performed for the finale.

The Cave show is midway through its run, so if you haven't seen it, you really need to.

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